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Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

Island paradises and pan-Asian cultural melting pots provide a stunning back-drop to your explorations of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and the islands of Indonesia and Malaysia. Wildlife sanctuaries, luxury jungle cruises, fog drenched highlands, incredible beaches and the most sought after culinary scenes in South-East Asia combine in these enticing highlights.

A reservoir in Singapore

Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, and Kelimutu

14 days, from $5,816.00

There are few better ways to pamper oneself than a trip such as this one. Starting in the culinary and cultural melting pots of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur; heavy weight “foodie” destinations that are also unrivaled examples of modern architecture, cleanliness and safety. From the shop-lined streets of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore you’ll head to the quieter quarters of Bali before relaxing on the volcanic black sands of Waiara Beach near Mt. Kelimutu.

Singaporan Salad

Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands, Bali and Sulawesi

18 days, from $6,423.00

Gourmands have been known to go weak at the knees when hearing mention of visiting the culinary trifecta of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bali. Three places whose cuisine s are defined more by the national dishes of other countries than their own, to dine in here is an unequaled experience. Venturing beyond the cities themselves is where you will discover traditional Malay and Indonesian culture.

Kapalai Island, Malaysia

Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching with Batang Ai, Bali, and Gili Trawangan & Lombok

18 days, from $4,968.00

Starting in the cities of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore you’ll have the opportunity to sightsee, eat and shop in places where neighboring blocks can sometimes seem like they occupy separate centuries. From the colonial, traditional and modern mash-ups of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, you’ll journey to Malaysian Borneo for a stay in a luxury resort in the Batang Ai rainforest. Next, travel to Bali for another cultural crossroads experience and then end up on the indescribable beaches of Gili Trawangan where you can dive around the coral reef, eat fresh seafood next to the water, party after dark or just lay out on the beach.

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