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Congratulate Your Grad with the Gift of Travel


Congratulate your grad with the gift of travel as your graduation gift to them!

Graduation season is upon us as young scholars venture into what many refer to as “the real world” with heads held high filled with newfound knowledge and confidence. As a way of celebration and to honor their hard work and resilience with a graduation gift, the gift of travel is the perfect way of saying “the world is an open book”!

Whether your valued student is graduating from high school or university, travel can serve as yet another valuable learning experience by opening their minds to experiences outside of their (overpriced) textbooks.


Congratulate Your Grad with the Gift of Travel Windo Seat

The next world travelers

With student debt being at an all-time high, younger generations are living more minimalist lifestyles by spending less and less on material objects and investing more in experiences. Like many Millennials, Generation Z is seeking to be more in tune with the world and to witness what it has to offer. A survey conducted by  World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation noted that youth travelers are far more willing to invest in unique experiences more than previous years.


Congratulate Your Grad with the Gift of Travel Machu Picchu Peru Tours

The world can teach things a textbook can’t

Not only does travel invoke a sense of independence as your loved one steps outside their comfort zone, but it is also enriching in its push toward self-reliance. Travel isn’t just seeing the sights but learning life skills through firsthand, insider experience. The broadened worldview and lessons learned through travel will carry them through personal and professional experiences for the rest of their lives.


Congratulate Your Grad with the Gift of Travel Paris France Tours

Traveling improves employability

In fact, According to Business Insider, traveling makes one more employable. Many employers look to hire candidates with travel experience or graduates who studied abroad as it indicates open-mindedness and adjustability. Not to mention how travel can also teach time management, self-management, and independence, reliability, organizational skills and budgeting, social skills, and understanding of cultural differences, along with creative thinking and flexibility. You know, just to name a few…


Congratulate Your Grad with the Gift of Travel Japan Tours

So why not help them put a dent in their student loans and landing that dream job by helping them explore this bright new world they are being thrust into with the gift of travel? Think of it this way, you’re investing in their future!

Get in touch with one of our expert travel experts today to start planning your grad’s graduation gift or to purchase a Yampu gift certificate for them to use as they please.


Happy travels!


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