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Free Experiences in Namibia During April!

This is no April Fools joke…

For the month of April, those who book their next adventure that includes Namibia in their custom itinerary can choose from several exhilarating options to further enhance their trip!

Did you know, Namibia is the only country in the world to specifically address environmental protection in its constitution, making it a very popular eco-tourism attraction. With its distinct landscapes and wildlife conservancies, Namibia is a fantastic destination for fun outdoor activities!

Choose from the complementary experiences below to get a stronger sense of Namibia during your custom-made trip!

Low-tide Beach Cruise on a Fat Bike (or e-Bike)

Our passion for Namibia, a sense of adventure and the brilliant fat bike makes it possible to explore Namibia’s breath-taking beauty in the most ecological way. We strive to have as little impact on the desert’s natural habitat as possible while sharing an unforgettable, unique Namibian experience with our guests.  The fat bike’s balloon-like tires allow for almost effortless floating over pebbles and sand making it ideal for casually cruising below the high-tide mark on the beach at low-tide – bound to make anyone smile!

Living Desert Dune Tour

This half day tour takes place along the eastern part of the major dune belt which lies between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Here the ecology of the dunes is concentrated on explaining the evolutionary aspects and the uniqueness of these adaptations. The theory part is dealt with in an informal way and the various desert-adapted creatures are then searched for and the various interesting adaptations are pointed out to you. The main animals looked for are the Namib Sand diving Lizard, Web-footed Gecko, Namaqua Chameleon, Peringuey’s Adder(Sidewinder), Namib Sand Snake, Namib thick-tailed Scorpion, the fog-basking Tenebrionid Beetle and several other insects only found along the dune belt.

From the dunes, we walk through a place known as ‘The Horse Graveyard’. Here, the mass killing of South African military horses marked the turning point of Namibia’s (then South West Africa) involvement in the First World War. This area signifies the key role that Swakopmund and Walvis Bay played in the development of Namibia. A brief description of the minerals found in the dunes is also explained as well as the formation of the dunes and the importance of the coastal fog to all the living organisms and vegetation found along the dunes.

Desert Night walk

Enjoy a night walk to the Namib’s gravel plains where you will be shown the desert-adapted nightlife concentrating on the various species of Gecko, Spiders, Gerbils, and Scorpions. During the day the desert looks inhospitable, unfriendly, devoid of any animal life, but once the sun sets, the sand

turns into a playground for all kinds of animals. Most of the creatures in the Namib are nocturnal and can be observed only after dark. The Night walk offers a glimpse into the nocturnal theatre of this unique eco-system. After dark, the seemingly barren Namib gravel plains come to life and we help you discover these little nocturnal wonders. The walks provide a truly amazing educational

experience of the little-seen nocturnal creatures.

Swakopmund Food Tour – Culinary & Cultural walking food tour

Spend the late afternoon into the early evening walking and eating your way through Swakopmund with a local guide. Escape the crowds and experience Swakopmund through a different lens – its food! You will be accompanied by a local “Swakopmunder” whilst you stroll along the beach front and quaint palm tree-lined streets. Visit some favorite haunts and meet some locals. Enjoy six authentic food and drink tastings. Relax, have fun and be entertained!


Did any of these options strike your interest? Get in contact with one of our travel experts today to add your favorite, complementary experience to your Namibia trip. As an extra perk, if you book a trip with a length of 15 days, receive a second experience at no cost!


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(Offers only available for new bookings made between April 1st – April 30th, 2019 with Namibia included within the final personalized itinerary with a trip length minimum of 8 days for one free experience, 15  or more days for two free experiences. Complimentary service option based on travelers’ itinerary, interests, and availability. Cannot be applied to website template trips or packages. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Blackout dates apply. Please ask a Yampu Travel Expert for more information)


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