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Roam from Home: Movies for the Travelholic


If you are like us, you are never quite as happy as when you are traveling. Although we are doing our part and staying home to protect others during this time, our entire Yampu Team is addicted to travel and can get a little stir crazy…

As part of our quarantine themed “Roam from Home” blog series, Yampu Tours sets to inspire travelers during this unfortunate downtime in travel with ways of using our senses to transport ourselves to another part of the world. With vision being a significant aspect of travel, it leaves no wonder as to why the film industry scouts to the ends of the earth for both creative inspiration and awe-inspiring backdrops. So sit down with a bowl of popcorn (or as healthy Jose would do, a bag of sunflower seeds) and let these movies take you away and inspire your future adventures.


Monica’s Movie Picks

1) Out of Africa


2) The Blue Butterfly


3) An American in Paris


4) Roman Holiday


5) Tomb Raider



Jose’s Top Travel Films

1) Motorcycle Diaries


2) Eat Pray Love


3) Octopussy


4) Casino Royal


5) Seven Years in Tibet


Karolina’s Travel Film Festival 

Movies I watched as a child, that inspired adventure, treasure hunting, and had such exotic settings:

1) The Goonies

Adventure, great setting, pirates, AKA, my childhood dream.


2) Indiana Jones

All of them. Any time, any place.


3) Willow

The setting was magical, A lot of it being shot in New Zealand.


4) The Way

This movie CONFIRMED I will do this hike one day.


5) Winaypacha

Entirely in Aymara language, set in Peru.


Stephanie’s Travel Cinema Collection 

1) Like Water for Chocolate (Mexico)


2) The Beach (Thailand)


3) Vicky Christina Barcelona (Spain)


4) Up (Venezuela)


5) Rio (Brazil)


Lance’s Travel-Inspired Movie Choices

I’m more of a horror movie fan, but to spare the faint of heart, I put together a list of movies that have inspired me to see the world that are a little more PG. (For those who enjoy a little scare, I enjoyed As Above So, Below, The Devil Inside, and The Forest)

1) To Catch a Thief


2) The Lizzie McGuire Movie


3) Monte Carlo

Basically the same film as the Lizzie Mcguire movie but better (don’t tell Hillary Duff)


4) In this Corner of the World


5) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

The turtles made me want to Visit NYC as a kid, but this was the movie that started my interest in Japan!


We hope you find some inspiration from our list, that your family is safe and you are enjoying this time of nesting at home.


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