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St. Patty’s Day around the Globe

The Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations and Traditions (Outside of Dublin!)


                Even though it is not an official holiday everywhere, St. Patrick’s Day has been widely accepted as a celebration around the world. For Christians, March 17th commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. For the rest of the masses, the day has become a time to celebrate Irish culture, which many interpret as wearing green, pretending to know how to Irish jig, and drinking Guinness. Many traditions have developed throughout each nation, but there may be some that are better than others. As we travel to these destinations often, here are out favorite St. Patty’s Day Celebrations and Traditions scattered across the map!  


Buenos Aires, Argentina

                With the 5th largest Irish population in the world, Buenos Aires comes alive on St. Patrick’s Day. Thousands upon thousands fill the streets to celebrate this holiday with pub crawls, clovers, and beer. Several streets are shut down between 6 PM and 5 AM to allow everyone to thoroughly enjoy the festivities. With Irish bands and Celtic dance groups rejoicing through the streets, many show off their skills in Retiro’s Plaza San Martin at 8 pm. Beginning at Arroyo and Suipacha streets, the streets are illuminated with colors, floats, and cheer from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Magnificent costumes, and contagious enthusiasm floods the crowds. To the wee hours of the night, Buenos Aires proves that Argentina really knows how to celebrate the Irish holiday!



Table Mountain ~ Cape Town, South Africa


                What is St. Patrick’s Day without a green-illuminated mountain? At least that’s what Cape Town thinks! For the 3rd consecutive year, South Africa’s majestic Table Mountain will glow green from spotlights, helping represent Tourism Ireland. For 20 hours, this iconic Cape Town landmark will be the official mascot of St. Patrick’s Day throughout the continent. At the base of the mountain, the bars will fill with Irish cheer, the beers will continue to flow, and everyone will be giddy with pride as they look up at their beloved Table Mountain. Like we said, how can you have a St. Patrick’s Day without a huge glowing green mountain?



Boat Quay, Singapore

                Boat Quay proudly claims the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in all of South-East Asia. With a full weekend of festivities, Singapore will make everything Irish from March 15-17th. Starting with a day of Irish music and dancing, live music on the street stage will create a domino effect of excitement and spirit. Saturday will then create family fun frenzy, with games, the Irish Chamber Orchestra Quartet, and Gaelic football and hurling. Finally on the booming day of the 17th, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade will storm down the street from the Old Parliament House (which was designed by an Irishman!). With walking tours that explore Ireland’s long history in Singapore, with also the infusion of Irish culture and art into the crowd, Boat Quay reinvents the St. Patrick’s Day celebration throughout the region! 


Sydney, Australia

                More of an industry than just a celebration, Sydney has conquered the spot for the 2nd largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade after NYC. Their zest for the holiday has developed a procession of elaborate floats, marching bands, dancing groups, and a host of musical entertainment that permeates the energy of Irish cheer. Before, during, and after the parade, the streets are full of family activities, traditional Irish cuisine, music, dancing, and of course beer! Like the majestic Table Mountain, Sydney also creates a landmark for the Irish pride. For Tourism Ireland, the city’s Opera House will glow emerald green for the holiday. The fantastic billowing structures that reach towards the sky will light up for the Irish holiday. Sydney continues to dominate the holiday with clovers, beer, and overall cheer!



                Not a widely known tradition, but as Yampu Tours works out of this ski destination, we have to comment on the beautiful green waterfall that pops up each year at Stowe Mountain Resort! We look forward to seeing the crazy pictures of those ridiculous jumps hurled over the St. Patty’s Day symbol.




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