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Travel Bubble Podcast: Post-lockdown Inspiration with Monica Irauzqui


Travel Bubble Podcast: Nooks and Crannies

In a not-so-far-fetched, dystopian future, world authorities have put all citizens on lockdown.

Thankfully, you can still go on holiday but there is a catch- you can only choose 3 countries to visit for the rest of your life.

Every Wednesday, Matty Dyas talks to travel industry professionals, globetrotters and adventurers from all over the world on his podcast, Travel Bubble. They tell us their Travel Bubble choices, providing you with post-lockdown inspiration and an ever-growing travel bucket list.

In this episode, Matty and Monica discuss her strong belief in knowing every nook and cranny of a place, rather than ‘collecting countries’. She shares some great anecdotes from a city that gives you altitude sickness and why you might want to avoid the local cocktail.


Listen below as Monica also offers some great advice about where to explore next when the world opens back up.


More about Matty Dyas

After spending over 8 years travelling the world and living in Thailand, Spain, Haiti, Slovakia and Australia, Matty Dyas decided to put his experiences and knowledge to good use and move into the Travel Industry,

In 2019 he started working for World’s largest adventure travel company,  taking small groups to off-the-beaten-track destinations including Transnistria and Chernobyl.

When 2020 found the world locked down, unable to travel, Matty decided to create the Travel Bubble podcast. Each week he speaks to travel industry professionals, globetrotters, and adventurers from all over the world about their favorite travel destinations. Providing post-lockdown inspiration to global listeners.

Instagram: @mattydyas


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