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Turning the Place of Our Dreams Into A Memory

Turning the Place of Our Dreams Into A Memory with Monica Irauzqui

Traveling has this particular effect on us; the more we travel, we realize how much we didn’t see, how much we won’t see, and how much we want to see of the world.

Join Yampu Tours Co-Founder, Monica Irauzqui as she discusses the possibilities of traveling during the pandemic and how it affected her business and the industry on The REJUVENAGING podcast with positive health psychologist and author, Dr. Ron Kaiser.

In episode 71 of The REJUVENAGING podcast, Monica shares some valuable tips about starting to plan 2021 trips and adventures, the different alternatives for those who prefer to stay in the US and still travel, and the difference having a tour operator can make when we find ourselves in trouble far from home.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:
  • The best places to visit during a pandemic (7:00)
  • Exploring new places through food (12:13)
  • What should older travelers avoid in their journeys (14:30)
  • How to keep ourselves active during travels (17:10)
  • Making a significant impact when traveling and helping locals (21:50)
  • What can a travel operator do for us if we meet trouble when we are visiting a foreign country (25:30)


Listen to the full episode here!


More on The REJUVENAGING podcast and Dr. Ron Kaiser

The REJUVENAGING podcast focuses on developing the skills and behaviors that lead to enhanced physical and mental health throughout the lifespan. The podcast features guests from various walks of life with varying perspectives but with the common purpose of living enthusiastically and helping others to do so. Guests are interviewed by positive health psychologist and author, Dr. Ron Kaiser. One of his claims to fame is that he has failed miserably at being a typical old guy. At age 81, he works full-time and stays fit – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. He shares his secrets and guidance in this regard – both in his interactions with his guests in personal training podcasts that take place once a month. For more information visit Dr. Kaiser’s website, The Mental Health Gym.


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