You can’t prevent the unexpected from happening before or during your trip. That is why it is so important to help protect yourself with Yampu Tours’ Travel Protection Plan. Planning a vacation can take months but only a moment to derail it. Necessity for medical treatment or lost luggage during your trip can leave you with unexpected bills. Despite the best planning, events that are out of your control can easily ruin your trip. Our Travel Protection Plan has been designed with this in mind and can help with these unexpected circumstances, as well as provide assistance in a covered emergency.

Travel Insurance Stories

“I was on the climbing trip of my life but I pushed myself too far. I had to be evacuated off a side of a mountain! Travel insurance covered me and the bill.” – Gope H.

“Our flight was delayed for three days because of a snowstorm that hit the mid-Atlantic so we had to pay for three extra nights at a resort. The online claims process was easy: I itemized everything and uploaded the requested receipts and travel documents. RoamRight had no questions for us. We got our checks in the mail a few weeks later; we recovered 100% of our expenses!”– Irina

Yampu Tours’ Travel Protection Plan Benefits

This information provides a broad overview of your policy provisions and does not revise or amend the policy.

Benefit Description Notes
Trip Cancellation Reimbursement for the unused non-refundable pre-paid payments or deposits for the travel arrangements you purchased for your trip when you cancel for a covered unforeseen reason.* Available up to a Trip Cost maximum depending on the policy. Additional Trip Cancellation Benefits:

Trip Interruption and Delayed Arrival In the event the trip is cut short for a covered unforeseen reason, this benefit covers the additional airfare costs to return home and any unused, pre-paid non-refundable payments or deposits for your travel arrangements.* Available up to a Trip Cost depending on the policy.
Missed Connection Reimbursement for additional transportation costs and prepaid unused travel arrangements if arrival from your trip departure is delayed. Coverage is available if you miss your trip departure due to any delay of a common carrier, documented weather conditions, quarantine, hijacking, strike, natural disaster, terrorism or riot.
Trip Delay Assists with additional travel expenses incurred during a 12+ hour delay for a covered reason. This includes hotel, meals and local transportation.
Emergency Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Provides coverage for covered emergency medical expenses* such as an accidental injury or sickness that strikes while on your trip. Acts as primary insurance provider and includes emergency dental treatment sublimit (applicable to natural teeth only).
Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains Offers protection in the event that emergency medical care is needed and an emergency evacuation to a better level of care is required. Also covers the costs associated with returning remains home in the event of a tragedy. All evacuation or repatriation of remains arrangements must be made through the travel assistance services listed below.
Political or Security Evacuation In the event of a covered political or security Event, we will pay for all reasonable evacuation expenses incurred for your transportation to the nearest safe haven. Evacuation must occur within a certain amount of days of any Political or Security Event.
Baggage and Personal Effects Reimbursement for permanently lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed baggage or personal effects, including passports and visas and charges and interest incurred due to unauthorized use or replacement of your lost or stolen credit cards. Per Article Limit

Combined Article Limit
Baggage Delay Covers expenses not otherwise covered by a common carrier, hotel or travel supplier for personal effects if your baggage is delayed. After a 24+ hour delay at destination other than your return destination.
Cancel for Any Reason Similar coverage is available to New York residents under Cancel for Fortuitous Reasons. Reimbursement for 60% the unused non-refundable pre-paid payments or deposits for your travel arrangements when you cancel your trip for any reason not otherwise covered by this policy. Coverage is only available if you purchased this plan within 21 days of your initial deposit, you insured 100% of your travel arrangements and you cancelled your trip 48 hours or more prior to departure.

Note: Insurance coverages are underwritten by Arch Insurance Company, NAIC #11150, under policy series LTP 2013 and endorsements thereto. Policies are administered by Arch Insurance Solutions, Inc. at 1-844-631-6701, CA License #0I18111. Your policy is the contract that specifically and fully describes your coverages. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply and coverages may vary in certain states. Please refer to your policy for detailed terms and conditions. Consumer disclosures

24/7 Assistance

A valuable non-insurance service included in the travel insurance plan is 24-Hour Emergency Assistance provided by United Healthcare Global. This gives you access to the services of a highly trained, multilingual staff around the clock to assist you with such emergencies as cash transfers, lost documents, medical or legal monitoring or referrals.

They are also equipped to respond to many unexpected circumstances, such as providing potentially costly air ambulance transportation in medical emergencies. If an emergency should arise during your trip, call for assistance immediately and give the details of your problem or medical emergency.

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