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The Land of Origins

Home to a uniquely stunning landscape teeming with wildlife, soulful people, and the oldest early human remains, Ethiopia is a country like no other. Located in the “Horn of Africa,” not too far from the Arabian Sea, the landlocked country’s massive landscape draws visitors from around the globe to appreciate its sheer size and diversity. From exploring the lowest point in Africa at Danakil Depression to trekking 3000m above sea level in the Simien and Bale mountains, adventurers are in for a real treat. Greatly underrated as a premier wildlife destination, the Ethiopian wolf, Walia Ibex, Mountain Nyala, Gelada Baboons, and black lions all make an impressive lineup for wildlife enthusiasts visiting Ethiopia.  Not only is Ethiopia rich in natural wonders, but the country is also rich in culture and history. The most complete skeleton of an early human ancestor ever discovered was found in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, where numerous tribes eagerly await to share their ancient ways of life with you.