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A Place of Great Wonder, History and Culture

Explore North-East Asia's countless areas of interest. Walk the Streets of Beijing, find yourself in the Forbidden City, or perhaps trek the Great Wall of China, a testament to Chinese engineering and ingenuity. Watch the lush scenery rush by while riding some of the world’s fastest trains to the ancient Capital of Shanghai, to shop amongst the modern and traditional architecture the city has to offer. Learn of South Korea’s tea culture while experiencing Hadong and Boseong, the largest producers of green tea in Korea. Find yourself cheering amongst the trendiest crowds at a live Korean Pop Hologram concert in the contemporary city of Seoul. Dine on the finest seafood prepared for you at a local Sushi class just before experiencing a live Sumo Wrestling show while in Japan. Take a class in Japanese calligraphy or explore the city of Tokyo while driving in style, via Mario Kart buggies, after shopping some of the finest and quirkiest shops in the world. No matter one’s interest there is always something fun, informative, and exciting to witness in Northeast Asia with Yampu!


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