Learn all about our lovely tour designer, Michelle, who is an essential part of making clients’ dream travel plans come true! Name: Michelle Dorval Hometown: Sutton, Massachusetts How long have you been with Yampu? 10 months! Q: What advice do you have for prospective travelers? A: Go with the flow! You will be surprised just how many life long memories can […]

Starting November 21, Brazil is opening up an electronic entry visa application to an Australian tourist wishing to visit the country. The new electronic document issuing system must issue the visa within 72 hours of the request being made by the tourist. The benefit is also valid for business trips. In January of next year, the electronic system will be available to Canadian, American and Japanese tourists! Dates have […]

Peak season in South Africa is here, and it really is a most idyllic travel destination. Not only can visitors enjoy the full safari experience that touch the hearts of the many who travel to Africa, but beyond that South Africa offers incredible urban life (including delicious culinary delights), beautiful beaches, adventure activities (cage diving with Great Whites, anyone?), world-renowned […]