José Irauzqui – President and Co-Founder


Born in Peru, José traveled from a young age with his parents around Latin America and later went to boarding school in Switzerland and traveled extensively around Europe and Asia. In 1990 José earned a law degree in the UK and went back to Peru until 1998 when he met Monica, his future wife and co-founder of Yampu, during a trip to New York; their first trip together was to Machu Picchu. It turned out to be a life-changing experience. Shortly after, José and Monica were married, moved to New York City, and began to create their travel website.

Monica Irauzqui – Vice President and Co-Founder


Monica is the co-founder of Yampu Tours with her husband José Irauzqui. Monica is an expert in family travels, always bringing her kids, ages eleven and thirteen on her trips; Monica loves what she does and being able to do it with her family! Monica is the authority at designing themed itineraries including culinary, spiritual, adventure, experiential, girls’ trips, and sightseeing tours. All tours are compiled with well-trained and knowledgeable experts leading the way. Monica also has a refined eye and memory for special places, hotels, eco lodges, and boats that will thrill the pickiest of travelers.

Karolina Guilcapi – General Sales Manager


Karolina was born in Warsaw, Poland, and emigrated to Brooklyn, New York at a young age. This trans-Atlantic crossing has inspired her to take any opportunity to explore the world. She graduated with honors and a degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. An ecotourism program in Guatemala solidified her desire to work for the travel industry, and she has been managing the Sales Team at Yampu Tours ever since. Her passion is family travel as she brings her husband and children along on her adventures. Her expertise is Latin America and she spends her days supporting her sales team and assisting her return clientele with their own journeys.

Stephanie Rudolph – Regional Sales Manager & Groups Coordinator


Stephanie has worked in travel for over 18 years and during that time has collected a wealth of experiences and knowledge. Whether driving solo across South Africa, trekking in Peru, snorkeling with sharks in Ecuador, learning to weave in Bali or dancing the night away in Rio, she continues to collect insider tips and ideas that she can share with her clients and groups to make each trip unique. She crafts once in a lifetime trips for her clients, fine-tuning each itinerary to specifically fit each traveler’s own individual travel-style. Stephanie is also Yampu’s Galapagos expert, and group guru, so whether you are interested in the local art scene or exploring the great outdoors, she will work with you to create the perfect experience.

Linda Gardner – Air Coordinator


Linda has been working in the travel industry for several years. At Yampu Tours she is the primary flight contact using resources to find the best flights available to match the client’s itinerary, schedule and budget.

Lance Caron – Marketing coordinator


Lance was born and raised in rural Vermont where he has always had an itch for adventure, travel, and culturally rich experiences. In high school, Lance took part in International Club taking several trips throughout Europe. While in college, studying Media Arts, he spent some time studying throughout France and was selected by his school’s Visual Art Staff to attend the International Symposium on Electronic Art conference 2014 in Dubai. He has since traveled independently to several major cities around the world and is now living happily in Los Angeles with his Fiance. With photography being his passion, he naturally loves to document and create based on his global experiences and is always in the midst of planning trips to new destinations.

Samuel jay- Lead TOUR DESIGNER


Samuel was born in Bristol, England and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and across the US. He has also explored Africa, South America and Southeast Asia and is always searching for exciting trips and destinations to explore! In 2015, Samuel moved to Vermont with his wife, Lynne, whom he met while working in Greece. After a year with Yampu, Samuel moved to Los Angeles to work at the head office, where he is now the Lead Tour Designer. Samuel’s passion for world travel is at the heart of his work, where he enjoys customizing tailored trips which provide once-in-a-lifetime adventures to Yampu clients.

Maggie Dykshorn- Tour consultant


Maggie grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa and developed a passion for traveling early on. She moved to Vermont for the mountains and maple syrup and graduated from Champlain College with a degree in Professional Writing. Maggie has traveled all around the globe, eager to learn, explore, and maintain an impressive Instagram profile. She has visited Ireland, England, Wales, France, and recently went on a solo trip to Iceland. Maggie studied abroad in New Zealand where she went hiking every week and developed a taste for feijoas and Sauvignon Blanc. She is an avid outdoors enthusiast living in Burlington, and when she’s not traveling, Maggie is happiest hiking or camping in the Green Mountains.

Michelle dorval- tour designer


Michelle recently graduated from Lyndon State College with a degree in Visual Communications. Originally from Massachusetts, she moved to Vermont for college and realized that the way of life there and her love of the outdoors have kept her in the beautiful Green Mountain state. Her passion for travel has brought her all around the world where she has enjoyed exploring foreign places and immersing herself in the amazing cultures. When she is not traveling, she is busy exploring and adventuring around the many beautiful mountains of Vermont. Michelle is excited to spread her passion for travel by helping to create custom itineraries for our clients.

Karen Butler- tour Consultant


Karen is an experienced hospitality professional with a passion for exceptional customer service and helping people create the most memorable travel experiences. She graduated from Lyndon State College with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a focus in meteorology.  Her love of weather and nature makes Vermont her ideal home, however, her desire to explore new places, experience great food, beer, wine and meeting new people is always present.

imman Leyberman- Tour Designer

Imman was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles before going to UC Santa Barbara to complete his Psychology degree. While in college, he studied abroad in New Zealand, also visiting Australia and Fiji. This amazing experience led Imman to spend time travelling and working in Europe and South America after graduating. He is excited to share his knowledge with fellow and future travelers! Outside of travel, Imman enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and hiking around California.

susan bokobzha- air ticketing agent

Susan has been in the travel industry for her whole adult life.  She was blessed to get to travel many different places. She started her career working in Reservations with Braniff Airlines in Kansas City, MO.. Then, Susan moved to California where she worked for large and small travel agencies. She also worked at LAX ticket counter for Continental Airlines,worked for Princess Cruises and Viking River Cruises.  Now, Susan is here at Yampu Tours part time, and is looking forward to more traveling.

meghan holly- operations supervisor

Meghan is originally from Chicago —which explains her love of deep dish pizza and Cubs baseball— though she has lived all over the U.S. including Florida, Missouri, Wisconsin, Texas etc. and now calls California home. She earned a degree in Communications/Journalism from the University of Denver in Colorado where she also studied Spanish and Italian. Spending a semester abroad in Florence, Italy ignited her passion for travel and exploring new cultures. She has worked in tourism/hospitality since 2010 with luxury hotels, tour operators, and even aboard a cruise ship in Alaska to help create unforgettable travel experiences for clients. Always up for an adventure, Meghan’s travels have included many countries throughout Europe as well as visits to Brazil, Mexico and the Caribbean.

CHRISTINE CRONIN – Tour consultant

Christine has worked in the travel industry for over 15 years, starting at an airline call center while still in college. Her travels throughout South America, Central America and Europe have contributed to her belief that travel positively changes people in ways that are often unimaginable and without a doubt, immeasurable. She is passionate about helping people realize that traveling doesn’t mean they are leaving their comfort zones, just that they are making their comfort zones a whole lot bigger! Originally from Boston, Christine has made her home in Los Angeles for the past 5 years and is excited to be part of the Yampu West Coast team!

DESIRE’ TROUSIL – Operations Administrative Assistant

Desiré, born and raised in So California, has many career paths, including retail and psychology, before joining the Yampu Team. She currently resides with Sacha the Pomeranian, Zara the cat, and Michael the teenage human. She has a passion for coffee, gardening, baking, music, X-Files, Star Wars, and Van Gogh. She has traveled to Amsterdam to see the Van Gogh museum, France, Germany, Canada, Morocco, and looks forward to seeing Asia in the future. She can be found coffee cup in hand, be it at work or play, always ready for adventure!


Claudia was born in Mexico and moved to California with her parents and siblings when she was three. She grew up in a small town in Napa Valley and now resides in Los Angeles where she started working for Yampu Tours. She received her Associate’s degree in journalism from Santa Rosa Junior College, where she also took accounting courses. Her favorite destinations are tropical and has enjoyed time in several Hawaiian Islands as well as island hopping in Thailand the most. She has also visited China and many parts of Mexico including Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Barra de Navidad and Ciudad Guzman, where she lived for two months.


Kay was born and raised in South Florida where she grew up minutes from the beach. She moved to Orlando for college and graduated from University of Central Florida with a degree in Health Sciences. An interest in travel was sparked during a post-college trip to Europe. After visiting 12 countries in three months, she fell in love with learning about and experiencing new cultures. Continuing her search for new adventures, Kay moved out to Los Angeles last year and fully intends to continue exploring the world – one city at a time.