Why choose Yampu Tours, when there are so many other competent travel companies that are eager to plan your itinerary?


Here’s why: because real people with a comprehensive portfolio of past travels stand behind you at Yampu Tours.


When my wife, Monica, and I founded Yampu Tours in 1998, we focused on what we knew best—Central and South America. But after repeated requests from our loyal clientele, we expanded into different continents to provide the second-to-none travel experience that they—and you–have come to expect.

Our travel consultants have been to, and have fallen in love with, the places where you want to go. Our operations team makes sure that there is no margin for error. And because, like us, we want you to fall in love with the places you’ll go.

To reflect our spirit of exploration and discovery, the company takes the name “Yampu” from the Incan word for a reed boat made of totora plants, which grow on Easter Island and Lake Titicaca. This was the type of sturdy boat that explorer Thor Heyerdahl sailed on his famous expedition from Peru to Polynesia, proving that it would have been possible for the Incans to colonize Polynesia.

As a Peruvian native, I’m proud that Yampu Tours has been honored as recipient of the prestigious World Travel Award as South America’s Leading Tour Operator for six consecutive years, and for the second successive year as Mexico and Central America’s Leading Tour Operator.

Monica and I feel that it is our mandate to promote sustainability and eco-tourism, and to that end, Yampu Tours has developed new partnerships and created many sustainable programs to various countries. These tours allow you to visit popular destinations, minimizing your carbon footprint. We make it possible for our clients to give back to the local communities in a variety of ways; please see our Responsible Travel page for more information.

Staying current is of the utmost importance to us, and to ensure that our programs are up to date, a member of our team travels every few months to our various destinations, performing quality checks on our hotels and guides and exploring new routes. Monica and I usually travel with our two teen-aged children, Pablo, and Carolina. Our headquarters is in Los Angeles, California where we manage all of Yampu Tours’ operations and where our travel consultants participate in exhaustive training. Please feel free to stop by when you’re in the area, and bienvenida to Yampu Tours!

Travel in health and happiness,

José Irauzqui