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The Land of the Morning Calm

With many influences from surrounding countries and its rich and extensive history, South Korea is an ever growing destination that has been gaining popularity among world travelers. From art and pop culture enthusiasts to history buffs and foodies alike, Korea offers an unimaginable array of opportunities for every sort of explorer. Home to the world’s best airport, Incheon International, South Korea welcomes over 11 million travelers per year making it the 20th most visited country in the world. The capital of Seoul is a bustling city of the future that blends seamlessly with historic temples and traditional villages. Heading North, visitors will learn more about the Korean War and the conflict between the two powers at the demilitarized zone, separating the countries since 1954. Traveling southbound, experience the diverse landscape along the country’s mainland as well as the island of Jeju, once a honeymoon getaway for young couples. Still a hot destination for newlyweds, Jeju also offers many unique experiences to all who visit. From dining on the fresh seafood caught by the local mermaids, or haenyeo. Back on the peninsula, make a stop at the costal port of Busan to relax on the country’s finest beaches and hot springs and visit the unique seaside temples along the coast. South Korea is a destination filled with endless opportunities for every type of traveler who wish to experience the best of Asia, at ease, with the help of Yampu.


Be in the know before you go

Acording to the information we have, you do not need a visa to enter with a US passport for stays 90 days or less. Citizens of Canada are allowed visa free entry for up to 180 days. Please check with your local consulate as this information is subject to change without prior notice. A valid passport is required to travel and should have at least 6 months validity after your return home. You should have at least 2 blank pages per country that you are visiting.If your passport does not meet this requirement at the time of departure, you can be denied boarding for your international flight and may consequently incur additional expenses.

Health & Wellness
Currently there are no vaccination requirements or currency restrictions for entry or exit into South Korea.

Although there are no official vaccinations that are required or recommended for visitors, Hepatitis A attacks the liver and is transmitted through food and water. Once infected, time is the only cure. The Center for Disease Control designates the prevalence of infection in Korea to be intermediate.