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I highly recommend this company to all travelers

I am extremely thankful that when I was having multiple problems trying to establish a travel insurance claim and refund for the money I lost during Covid19.cancellation.the owner of the company stepped in to help me. Jose Irauzqui jumped in to represent me and he was tenacious and he quickly earned the nickname of Bulldog. He was able to get me the refund for myself and a traveling partner. I have traveled with Yampu before to Bhutan and India and was guided by Stephanie Rudolph. I used to joke with my friends that if I could only run my business as well as this company did, I would be a millionaire many times over. The trip was fantastic and I highly recommend this company to all travelers. Thank you, Mary Makena

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Bone WP

Traveled October 2019

travel worry free!

We had an amazing three weeks without a glitch. Every transfer took place on time. Our activities were conducted by knowledgeable and pleasant guides. That proved true for the entire 21 days. The is the second time that I have traveled in South America under the wing of Karolina Guilcapi. She was always accurate, price conscious, and patient with our alterations. Since returning from Patagonia, I and my travel companions have recommended Yampu and Karolina multiple time. Put yourself in her hands and travel worry free!

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Michael W.

Traveled November 2019

I highly recommend Yampu Tours.

Our trip from Tokyo, Fuji, Takayama and Kyoto was fabulous. Guides were terrific, itinerary was well balanced but packed with things of interest, and the hotels were uniformly very high quality. I feel that we were closely taken care of from start to finish, from transportation to knowledgeable guides, without having to worry about any details. This level of care, and the thought that went into our itinerary, insured a magnificent trip from start to finish. I highly recommend Yampu Tours.

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Jonathan C.


My wife and I have now been on 3 trips…

My wife and I have now been on 3 trips with Yampu. Each one has been amazing. You tell them what you like, what you don’t, right down to the types of hotels and if you want to take a cooking class or go horseback riding, hiking, or sit by the pool. They arrange everything from having you met at the plane and driven to your hotel to the private walking tours, private drivers and guides, restaurant recommendations, whatever you want. Prices are very fair and since every trip is customized for you, you can add or remove experiences or services to suit your budget. Not as expensive as you would think either – fairly competitive with any higher end group tour you would take — but no groups to hassle with. It is a small company, which I love, because I know the people I’m talking to when I call, and I know that everything will be perfect. They really know their destinations and they have boots on the ground everywhere you go. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m never planning another trip myself!

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Bruce B.


Trip was great

Trip was great! The guides and drivers were excellent. Hotels were great too. The hike to Waynapicchu was a tough one – glad we had a guide that looked after us.

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Traveled June 2019

Stephanie rocks!

Stephanie has been taking incredible care of us for several years now. The most personalized travel experience anyone could ever wish for. Simply the best!

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