Yampu Travel Heroes

With Yampu Tours Cofounder, Monica Irauzqui

With as much as the world has given me and my family, I have always believed that giving back is important for living a quality life. I have been so lucky throughout my own life that I have the desire to pass that positivity back into the world in my day to day life and through travel. This has made me very passionate about the people I meet on my journeys as these kind beings give me much more than I could ever give them.

As we arrange custom tours around the globe, we meet many people who have the same philosophy and wish to give back to the local communities in which they travel. These people I have dubbed “Travel Heroes”, as their connections with others and the positivity that they spread is much more important to them than the sights they will see.

Join me as I sit down with travel heroes, Yampu travelers, friends, travel professionals, environmentalists, and others who have given back in a special way.

How is the Tourism Industry Coping with COVID19?

Monica Irauzqui recently sat down with InEye Technologies’ founder, Preethi Natarajan to discuss how Yampu is thriving during the current pandemic including giving back by starting new classes for travel professionals. Watch the full interview below!


Building a Sustainable Business with Monica Irauzqui

Yampu Tours Co-founder, Monica had the honor to be one of the guests on the Best Morning Routine, Ever podcast with Lunide Louis recently.

Each episode discusses effective morning routines of entrepreneurs and thought leaders in their appropriate fields while they discuss how their healthy morning habits have contributed to their success. The show goes forth to bless, heal, inspire, elevate and dignify the minds and hearts of men and women listening all over the world.

Tune in to hear how Monica started her traveling business and how she can help you plan your next vacation with the full episode below!

Exceeding Expectations in the Travel Industry

Yampu Co-Founder, Monica Irauzqui had the honor to sit down for an interview with keynote speaker, Tony Winyard who hosts the Podcast Exceeding Expectations, where each episode features an interview with a person that loves their work and tries to far exceed the expectations of their clients. The aim of the show is to inspire listeners to come up with ways to over-deliver to their clients; to create things that aren’t typically being done by most in their industry and to make one’s hard work more enjoyable.

Take a listen below to hear how Monica and the rest of the Yampu team go beyond the expectations of their travelers.

Authentic Travel with Monica Irauzqui

Woman business owner, mother, and world traveler, Yampu’s Monica Irauzqui has visited over 50 destinations during her lifetime where she has gained an exceptional level of expertise in nearly all things travel.

In an interview with esteemed speaker, Chris Smit of Culture Matters, Monica shared her travel knowledge with excellent insights on how to be culturally sensitive while traveling abroad.

Listen to the full podcast below for Monica’s cultural sensitivity tips while traveling abroad;

The Future of Travel Post COVID-19 with Monica Irauzqui and Gloria Rand

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought travel to a standstill, dealing a severe blow to companies across the industry from airlines and hotels, to travel agents and tour operators. Monica Irauzqui, Vice President and co-founder of Yampu Tours and YampuGo, is no exception. She has had to postpone her clients’ trips due to travel restrictions. However, Monica has also used this time to her advantage – creating an online course and developing tours in new locations. As she explains in our interview, Monica has been instrumental in creating a “client first” culture by providing private and authentic experiences that are 100 percent customizable to your whims and wishes.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • Monica explains why people should travel to different countries
  • What the future of travel looks like post-Covid
  • How Monica has introduced spirituality into her clients’ itineraries and her business
  • Why investing in a tour operator is a smart way to create a memorable travel experience