Yampu Travel Heroes

With Yampu Tours Cofounder, Monica Irauzqui

With as much as the world has given me and my family, I have always believed that giving back is important for living a quality life. I have been so lucky throughout my own life that I have the desire to pass that positivity back into the world in my day to day life and through travel. This has made me very passionate about the people I meet on my journeys as these kind beings give me much more than I could ever give them.

As we arrange custom tours around the globe, we meet many people who have the same philosophy and wish to give back to the local communities in which they travel. These people I have dubbed “Travel Heroes”, as their connections with others and the positivity that they spread is much more important to them than the sights they will see.

Join me as I sit down with travel heroes, Yampu travelers, friends, travel professionals, environmentalists, and others who have given back in a special way.

Monica Irauzqui’s Journey on Wild Development’s Podcast

With Lauren Connolly

Embark on an exhilarating journey through Monica Irauzqui’s captivating guest appearance on Wild Development’s Podcast. Delve into the wonders of nature and travel as Monica shares her awe-inspiring experiences and profound insights, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of exploring the world.


Unlocking Unique Travel Experiences

With Patty Deutsche, Your Daily Chocolate

We are delighted to introduce our latest podcast episode, featuring Patty Deutsche from Your Daily Chocolate as the host. In this engaging discussion, Patty sits down with Monica Irauzqui, our esteemed Vice President and co-founder of Yampu Tours. Renowned for her expertise in crafting bespoke travel packages spanning over 70 countries, Monica specializes in unveiling the most authentic and off-the-beaten-path adventures. With summer on the horizon, the wanderlust within us awakens, urging us to embark on new journeys and immerse ourselves in unique global experiences. Travel not only expands our horizons but also brings boundless joy and fulfillment. 


Living the Dream

With Curtis Jackson

Monica Irauzqui, New York Times Speaker, Corporate Trainer on Travel and Co-founder of Yampu Tours recently sat down with Mr.Curtis Jackson of Living the Dream with Curveball podcast. On the Show, Curtis interviews guests that teach, motivate, and inspire others with extraordinary stories about how they contribute to the world to try and make life better for others.

When listening to an array of inspiring people, from authors, singers, and actors, to athletes, coaches, and beyond, with Living the Dream with Curveball prepare to be motivated and inspired to stop at nothing to achieve your dreams.

Listen to the latest episode below as Curtis and Monica discuss the world of travel and how Monica’s ’think outside the box‘ attitude allows her to design a wealth of carefully crafted, life-enriching travel experiences.

The Open Highway Podcast: “Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist”

With Eric Paul Erickson

Join Yampu Tours Cofounder, Monica Irauzqui on a special episode all about travel on The Open Highway podcast!

A topical conversation podcast hosted by Eric Paul Erickson, The Open Highway show brings the discovery of the open road into the discourse of modern conversation. Much like the old days when we would sit down at a roadside diner and share a cup of coffee with a fellow traveler, The Open Highway brings conversation back to the world and allows us to learn about interesting topics and people.

In Episode 114 “The Travel Episode” Monica joins the show to discuss international travel, destinations and the amazing places you can go and have the experiences of a lifetime. Will travel return to normal in 2022?

Shock Your Potential Podcast: The Yampu Difference

With Michael Sherlock

When embarking on a trip, a traveler always looks forward to have an experience of a lifetime, the kind that makes them pause and think about how unbelievably gorgeous the world is. But how can you increase the chances of getting that indefinable bonus quality in your travel experience? Yampu Tours’ Vice President,  Monica Irauzqui sits down with Shock Your Potential’s Michael Sherlock to discuss how Yampu’s team designs such trips which aspire to satisfy the wanderlust of travelers, and ones that truly rock their world.


Also in this episode, Monica shares more about exciting travel destinations, challenging yourself even in travel, and the importance of getting a travel expert to plan and guide your trip. The two will also discuss why the amazing Peru should be topping your travel bucket list even as we prepare to start getting out there again.


Listen in by clicking the image below!




The Breakup Evolution podcast: New Beginnings, New Destinations

With Sarah Ing

One of the greatest aspects of traveling is meeting new people and learning of both our differences and our similarities. Through stories, we all relate to one another by sharing our seemingly unique yet common experiences, especially our understandings of love and heartbreak.


This week, Yampu Tours Vice President, Monica Irauzqui sat down with Sarah of The Breakup Evolution podcast to chat about the motivation behind becoming the bold jet setter she is today. In the hopes of inspiring other adventurists, Monica discusses how, after realizing a past relationship was hindering her adventurous spirit, she set off to experience the world on her own terms. Listen in below!


Travel Bubble Podcast: Nooks and Crannies

With Matty Dyas


In a not-so-far-fetched, dystopian future, world authorities have put all citizens on lockdown.

Thankfully, you can still go on holiday but there is a catch- you can only choose 3 countries to visit for the rest of your life.

Every Wednesday, Matty Dyas talks to travel industry professionals, globetrotters and adventurers from all over the world on his podcast, Travel Bubble. They tell us their Travel Bubble choices, providing you with post-lockdown inspiration and an ever-growing travel bucket list.

In this episode, Matty and Monica discuss her strong belief in knowing every nook and cranny of a place, rather than ‘collecting countries’. She shares some great anecdotes from a city that gives you altitude sickness and why you might want to avoid the local cocktail.

Listen below as Monica also offers some great advice about where to explore next when the world opens back up.

Have A Seat: Conversations with Women In The Workplace

With Debra Coleman

Yampu Tours Vice President, Monica recently had a fun discussion with Debra from the podcast “Have a Seat… Conversations with Women in the Workplace”. During the show, Debra and guests enjoy a lighthearted but heartfelt conversation with women about the work they do and the journey that brought them to pursue their career path.

This week, Monica shares what motivated her and her husband to start a touring and travel services company, how the pandemic has affected the travel industry, the many ways Yampu Tours is ensuring a safe travel experience for their customers, and Monica’s advice on the importance of finding joy in the work you do.

So have a seat and enjoy conversations with women in the workplace!

Two Middle-Aged Men in Cleveland

With Ted Klopp & Ken Dworznik

Monica Irauzqui recently had the chance to catch up with Clevelanders, Ken Dworznik, and Ted Klopp on their podcast “Two Middle-Aged Men in Cleveland”. On the show this week, the three discuss the distribution of the COVID vaccines, how travel and tourism are affected and what unique travel spots Monica recommends as a travel expert.

Tune in to the episode below and hear Monica’s insights at the 9:47 Mark!


Talking During Movies: Ramen Girl

With Jason Jepson

Yampu Cofounder, Monica Irauzqui finds herself reminiscing about her explorations of Japan while talking during the movie Ramen Girl with podcaster Jason Jepson.

In Episode 171 of Talking During Movies, Monica and Jason talk about the nuance of travel and her experiences traveling abroad, including a ramen making class in Kyoto, Japan. Reminiscing about her time learning about the complex craft of Japanese ramen making, Monica delves into the world of foodie tourism, how gastronomic experiences while traveling have shaped her life, and how she and Yampu Tours craft delectable adventures for their clients.

Listen to the full episode below!


Traveling the World Together

With the Choosing Your Reflection Podcast

On this special episode of Choosing Your Reflection, we’re asking our audience to imagine what their perfect honeymoon or special celebration excursion would be. Helping us craft our visions and make them a reality is this week’s guest Monica Irauzqui, vice-president of YAMPU Tours. From New York to Peru, and then Sicily in one year (and married not long after), Monica recounts the wanderlust she shares with her husband and how her experience of the world helps tailor unique experiences for newlyweds, almost weds, and everyone outside and in between!

Listen to the full podcast below!

Turning the Place of Our Dreams Into A Memory

with Dr. Ron Kaiser

Traveling has this particular effect on us; the more we travel, we realize how much we didn’t see, how much we won’t see, and how much we want to see of the world.

Join Yampu Tours Co-Founder, Monica Irauzqui as she discusses the possibilities of traveling during the pandemic and how it affected her business and the industry on The REJUVENAGING podcast with positive health psychologist and author, Dr. Ron Kaiser.

In episode 71 of The REJUVENAGING podcast, Monica shares some valuable tips about starting to plan 2021 trips and adventures, the different alternatives for those who prefer to stay in the US and still travel, and the difference having a tour operator can make when we find ourselves in trouble far from home.

Listen to the full episode here!

Cinnamon Wrapped in a Dollar

With Simone Kaplan

Yampu Tours Cofounder, Monica Irauzqui had a chance to sit down with Simone Kaplan of the podcast Unlicensed Therapist. Join the two as they discuss life-changing events, complicated decisions, and being a part of the travel industry.

Listen to the full podcast below!

Destination Everywhere: How to Prepare for a Trip to Kenya

Want to plan a safari and visit Kenya, Africa? We’ll discuss Kenya tourism, things to do in Kenya, and how to prepare for a trip to Africa. In 2017, it was bestowed recognized as Place to Be by the World Travel Awards. As the world’s leading safari destination, there is no other place to go see a safari if you want to see what you see on TV and National Geographic. Aside from the safari, there are also other great experiential experiences that you can check out like their amazing beaches and the second-largest barrier reef in the world, as well as famous tea plantations. Getting excited about going to Africa? Todd Bludworth and Andy McNeill bring on Lara Vancans and Monica Irauzqui to walk you through the preparation.

Listen to the full podcast by tapping the image below.

The Future of Travel Post COVID-19 with Monica Irauzqui and Gloria Rand

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought travel to a standstill, dealing a severe blow to companies across the industry from airlines and hotels, to travel agents and tour operators. Monica Irauzqui, Vice President and co-founder of Yampu Tours and YampuGo, is no exception. She has had to postpone her clients’ trips due to travel restrictions. However, Monica has also used this time to her advantage – creating an online course and developing tours in new locations. As she explains in our interview, Monica has been instrumental in creating a “client first” culture by providing private and authentic experiences that are 100 percent customizable to your whims and wishes.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • Monica explains why people should travel to different countries
  • What the future of travel looks like post-Covid
  • How Monica has introduced spirituality into her clients’ itineraries and her business
  • Why investing in a tour operator is a smart way to create a memorable travel experience

Authentic Travel with Monica Irauzqui

Woman business owner, mother, and world traveler, Yampu’s Monica Irauzqui has visited over 50 destinations during her lifetime where she has gained an exceptional level of expertise in nearly all things travel.

In an interview with esteemed speaker, Chris Smit of Culture Matters, Monica shared her travel knowledge with excellent insights on how to be culturally sensitive while traveling abroad.

Listen to the full podcast below for Monica’s cultural sensitivity tips while traveling abroad;

Exceeding Expectations in the Travel Industry

Yampu Co-Founder, Monica Irauzqui had the honor to sit down for an interview with keynote speaker, Tony Winyard who hosts the Podcast Exceeding Expectations, where each episode features an interview with a person that loves their work and tries to far exceed the expectations of their clients. The aim of the show is to inspire listeners to come up with ways to over-deliver to their clients; to create things that aren’t typically being done by most in their industry and to make one’s hard work more enjoyable.

Take a listen below to hear how Monica and the rest of the Yampu team go beyond the expectations of their travelers.

Building a Sustainable Business with Monica Irauzqui

Yampu Tours Co-founder, Monica had the honor to be one of the guests on the Best Morning Routine, Ever podcast with Lunide Louis recently.

Each episode discusses effective morning routines of entrepreneurs and thought leaders in their appropriate fields while they discuss how their healthy morning habits have contributed to their success. The show goes forth to bless, heal, inspire, elevate and dignify the minds and hearts of men and women listening all over the world.

Tune in to hear how Monica started her traveling business and how she can help you plan your next vacation with the full episode below!

How is the Tourism Industry Coping with COVID19?

Monica Irauzqui recently sat down with InEye Technologies’ founder, Preethi Natarajan to discuss how Yampu is thriving during the current pandemic including giving back by starting new classes for travel professionals. Watch the full interview below!