Why Choose Us?

Diverse Destinations

Unearth Latin America, Africa, and Asia’s best-kept secrets with customized itineraries designed to explore hidden treasures beyond popular attractions. Experience Yampu tours in over 40 countries.

Value for Money

Travel excursions selected exclusively for you, based on our conversations; nothing hidden, no surprises! Quotes include integrating travel components smoothly to save you money and time.

Rich Experiences

Experience cultures with local expert guides leading the way for travelers’ intent on discovery. We are dedicated to international travel that departs from mainstream tourism and seeks to create personalized experiences.

Happy Clients since 1998

Our team makes sure that everything goes according to plan. It's not only our job but our passion to provide you a chance to love it as much as we do.

24/7 Support Team

Yampu maintains an entire team of operations personnel, standing behind you to ensure that everything goes according to plan – your plan.

Exclusive Insights

Yampu Tours is our staff; our travel professionals are the best in the business. They’ve traveled extensively throughout our destinations and are excited to craft you a trip of a lifetime.

Local Interaction

We believe that responsible travel is not only experiencing other cultures, but supporting these destinations and sustaining their environments and communities. Receive firsthand knowledge of the communities and truly interact with the locals.