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The Spirit of Kyrgyzstan



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Private Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy the beauty of Kyrgyz nature while exploring Ala Archa, famous for climbing and hiking.
  • Learn of Kyrgyzstan's rich history through its ornate architecture and ancient petroglyphs.
  • Explore the shores of Issyk Kul Lake, one of the deepest lakes in the world.
  • Stay in traditional Yurts and see how nomads set up the encampments and take part in helping locals to erect the traditional dwellings.
  • See the wonders of what locals refer to as "Fairy Tale Canyon where massive red rocks rise from the ground in the shape of monumental heroes.
  • enjoy a folklore musical show during dinner in Bishkek, where professional musicians will demonstrate the traditional musical instruments and play Kyrgyz melodies.
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Tour Overview

Witness the Spirit of Kyrgyzstan with Yampu Tours’ 10-day journey through the land of celestial mountains. Travelers will learn of the Kyrgyz heritage and folklore while traversing historic sites that built the nation, including the ancient silk road all while admiring the pristine nature of the towering mountains and vast lakes that envelop it.

Begin your journey in the Capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek City. Here you will learn fo the city’s history with walks along the Old Square before getting a feel of the region’s nature with a hike through Ala Archa National Park. Leaving the capital, experience more of Kyrgyzstan’s pristine nature and partake in cultural experiences while traveling along the ancient silk road.

From exploring its mysterious landscapes to horseback riding games and dining on traditional cuisine, all in nomadic style with accommodations in traditional Yurts, Yampu travelers will experience the Spirit of Kyrgyzstan first hand.


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International airfare (unless specifically included), airport departure taxes that must be paid on-site, gratuities, meals not mentioned, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages with meals, early / late check-out, room service, visa fees/services and other personal items or services not mentioned.

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Tour Itinerary


Home - Bishkek

Upon arrival to Bishkek, you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel.

Ala Archa National Park Tour, Dinner Included
After breakfast at your hotel you will have a drive to Ala Archa National Park. The park is located 45 km from Bishkek. The drive will take approx. 1 hour (depending on the traffic).

On the way you will make a stop at the Baytik Kanaev grave. Your guide will go into more details on what role Baytik Kanaev played in the history of Kyrgyzstan. Continue your drive to Ala Archa National Park. Ala Archa is famous for climbing, hiking and alpinios. Locals come here on weekends for picnics. Upon arrival you will have a light hike along the river and enjoy the beauty of Kyrgyz nature.

Drive back to Bishkek and enjoy lunch at a local cafe. After lunch you will have a sightseeing tour of Bishkek city. Your trip starts with a visit of the Main Alatoo Square with Manas hero in the center of it. Manas is a symbol of Kyrgyzstan and serves as the monument of Independence of the Kyrgyz nation. Right behind the monument you will see the biggest flag of Kyrgyzstan. If you are lucky you will catch the Changing of the National Guards (changing is every hour). Right in front of you there is a State Historical Museum (you will see it from outside only, closed for reconstruction).

Next, enjoy a short walk dawn to the Old Square where you will see the Lenin Statue, the Parliament House and the Supreme Court building. Your sightseeing tour continues to Oak Park, Monument of Kurmanjan Datka, Russian Drama Theatre, Fine Arts Museum, Opera and Ballet Theatre, and the Monument of Busisara Beyshenaliyeva. Your sightseeing tour ends with the visit of Victory Square.

Transfer to the restaurant for dinner at a local café before a traditional dance show in Bishkek. You have an opportunity to experience a performance of dances of people in Kyrgyzstan. National music and dances were always essential for the people in our country and are a part of the culture. After dinner transfer to the hotel. less


Transfer to Song Kol Lake with Horseback Riding Games

After breakfast, you will depart to Son Kul Lake. From Kyrgyz language, Son Kul means "The Last Lake". It is located at the elevation of 3016 m asl. On the first stop, you will visit the Ancient town of Balasagyn established by Karakhanids in 12th century A.D. Then, you will climb up the Burana Tower, which is a UNESCO Heritage. On top of the tower, you will see the panoramic view of the valley. When you descend, you will walk to the open-air gallery of balbals (stone warriors), petroglyphs, and remains of the temple. There is a small museum dedicated to Balasagyn located at the territory of Burana Historical Architectural Complex. This museum exhibits the artifacts found in the ruins of Balasagyn town.
National horseback riding games near the Burana Tower.

Horseback riding games played a vitally important role for Kyrgyz people. The main aim of these games was to teach children to ride horse professionally. Nowadays it is an entertainment. You have a chance to watch various kinds of traditional Kyrgyz horseback riding games (Ulak Tartysh, Kyz Kuumai, Tyiyn Enmei, etc).

After your excursion, you continue your way to Son Kul, and make a stop in Kochkor village for lunch. Lunch will be served at a local family’s home. After lunch, transfer to Son Kul. Today you step into the nomadic life at the Son Kul Lake. Here the Kyrgyz people still live in traditional simplicity. You spend the night in the summer pastures of the mountains and have a chance to get acquainted with Kyrgyz families, taste their fresh airan (yogurt) and kumis (traditional drink made of fermented mare's milk).

Yurt setting up show at Son Kul Lake.

We will watch the demonstration on how nomads set up the yurt. Also, you will learn main elements of Kyrgyz dwelling which you can take part and help locals to erect the yurt. less


Song Kol - Naryn

Naryn Town Blue Mosque Tour, Dinner Included
After breakfast, continue on to your next destination, Naryn town. The road lies via Moldo Ashuu pass, which is dramatically gorgeous and captivating. The mountain slopes are covered with fir trees and the the longest river in Kyrgyzstan, Naryn river. Upon arrival in Naryn town you will visit the Blue Mosque. The front side of the Mosque reminds one of traditional Kyrgyz jar, called Kookor. The walls are decorated with traditional Kyrgyz ornaments. Later you will visit the local historical museum, not far from museum there is the central square and central bazaar. The town is not big but rich in traditional flavor. Beshbarmak master class according to Kyrgyz traditions in Naryn town. Dinner at the local cafe. less


Naryn - Tash Rabat

Today, you will take the road of caravans heading to Kashgar. On the way you will cross At Bashi valley, rimmed by the dramatic At Bashi Range. Your last destination for today is Kara Koyun gorge, where the ancient Tash Rabat caravanserai is located. Upon arrival, settle in at the accommodation, a traditional yurt camp before enjoying lunch in the afternoon. Next, enjoy an excursion to Tash Rabat carevanserai, a famous stop for caravans passing along the Silk Road. Later you can have a hike in the gorge. Dinner and overnight in yurt. All meals are included today. less


Tash Rabat Kelsuu Lake Tour

Today, you will visit the secret Kelsuu lake. Remote even by Kyrgyzstan standards, magnificent Kelsuu lake stretches over 10km through a sheer mountain gorge that reaches nearly to the Chinese border. Kel-Suu is translated from Kyrgyz as "incoming water". And indeed, sometimes the lake disappears, flowing into underground caves and grottoes. Therefore, before going there, you need to know that not always you can catch the lake. You will make a stop at Kelsuu tent camp for lunch. After lunch you will have a walk to the lake. You will enjoy the turquoise color of the water in the lake hidden in the mountains. Drive back to Tash Rabat yurt camp for dinner. Dinner is included today. less


Tash Rabat - Kochkor

Today, you drive to Kochkor village where local people make felt, various carpets, embroidering, spinning, and other handicrafts. We will also visit a handicraft museum and a shop where you can buy different masterpieces - starting from huge felt-silk blankets, finishing with small Christmas tree decorations. Enjoy a felt production demonstration in Kochkor village. There are different types of carpets. You will take part in Ala Kiyiz making. During the felt making, you will learn types of traditional carpets. After the show, we will visit the handicraft museum and a shop. Dinner and overnight in the hotel. less


Kochkor - Karakol

Djety Oguz Gorge Tour, Dinner Included
Today, depart to Karakol town, which is considered to be one of the first Russian settlements in the region. On the way to Karakol, you will stop at Skazka (Fairy tale) Canyon, which attracts many people for its unusual landscape and red sand rock formations in the shapes of fairy tale heroes. Then, your next stop will be in Barskoon gorge, where you can see the monument dedicated to the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin. They say Gagarin was here and one of the big stones drew his attention to take his picture in front of it. The next day an unknown sculptor created a huge Gagarin's bas-relief on it. Years later, due to severe weather conditions, the bas-relief was destructed. People created another monument dedicated to Gagarin, which you can see today.
Continue your way to Karakol, where you will make a stop at Djety Ogus gorge. The name of the gorge translates as 7 bulls from Kyrgyz. Right in the entrance to the gorge, you can see the famous Broken Heart rock. Your guide will tell you all the legends and how these points of interest earned their names. Before having time to take a panoramic picture of the gorge.

Golden eagle hunting show in Jety Oguz gorge.

In Jety Oguz gorge we meet a hunter and his bird. Upon request we offer 2 types of demonstration: Hunt on a rabbit (alive) and hunt on a fox skin (artificial). After the demonstration, you will have a chance to ask the hunter about the tradition of eagle hunting, his bird features and even hold the bird if you so choose. Upon arrival in Karakol town, check in to your hotel before your afternoon sightseeing tour of Karakol town. You will visit Dungan Mosque, built in traditional Chinese pagoda style without a single nail used. After your excursion to Dungan Mosque, you will visit the Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church, which is more than 100 years old before transferring to dinner.

Cooking traditional Lagman at Uighur Family's Home in Karakol town.

When having a meal with the Uighur family in Karakol town, we can watch a housewife cooking traditional food. She will teach us how to make noodles for lagman. In the end we will try our lagman altogether. less


Karakol - Cholpon Ata

Cholpon

Cholpon Ata Tour, Dinner Included
After breakfast, you will depart to Cholpon Ata town. (If it is Saturday or Monday you can visit the local cattle market on the way). You will make a stop at N.M. Przhevalsky Museum located 12 km far from Karakol on the shore of Issyk Kul. Przhevalsky was a great Russian explorer, who travelled the Tien Shan. He died in Kyrgyzstan and was buried on the shore of Issyk Kul. You will see his grave and museum dedicated to him. Continue your way along the northern shore of Issyk Kul. On the way, you will visit an Interactive Shepherd's Museum.

Take part in a traditional archery master class in agro farm Kyzyl Tash, shooting from the traditional Kyrgyz bow. The instructor has experience of leading such master classes from the World Nomad Games.

Next you will visit Grigorevskoye gorge. Enjoy the nature and fresh air in the mountains. After a light walk you will continue your way. Upon arrival in Cholpon Ata, you will have a hotel check in and time to walk on the shore of Issyk Kul Lake. Dinner at the hotel. less


Kochkor - Bishkek

Transfer

Transfer to Bishkek with Issyk Kul Lake Cruise, Dinner Included
Today, you visit a local Ethnographical Museum and open-air museum of Petroglyphs. Then board a boat cruise at Issyk Kul Lake (1 hour). You will be inspired by the captivating view of the lake surrounded by mountains. This is a great opportunity to take thousands of memorable pictures of Issyk Kul lake.
In the afternoon, we drive back to Bishkek. The road lies via Boom Gorge, where you can see the mountain slopes covered with the various colors of the soil. Upon arrival to Bishkek, check into the hotel before an afternoon visit of the local oriental Osh bazaar (closed on Monday). Dinner at a local café.

Tonight, enjoy a folklore musical show during dinner in Bishkek, where professional musicians will demonstrate the traditional musical instruments and play Kyrgyz melodies. less


Bishkek - Home

At the appropriate time, you will be met at your hotel and transferred to the airport for your flight home.

At the appropriate time, you will be met at your hotel and transferred to the airport for your flight home.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan

Places You'll See

  • Kyrgyzstan

    With a history as vast as are its mountains are tall, Kyrgyzstan is a culturally rich destination that spans centuries. Once an important crossing point of the Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan today remains virtually unchanged with its pristine nature. Traditionally nomadic people, Kyrgyz await to share their traditions and heritage with visitors with open arms.

Hotel Options

4 Star Properties

Naryn : Grand Khan Tengri

Kochkor : Nomad Lodge

Karakol : My Hotel Karakol

Cholpon Ata : Karven Four Seasons

5 Star Properties

Bishkek : Orion Hotel


Jean C. - Return VIP Yampu Traveler

Traveled June 2018

Excellent tour in Armenia

Excellent tour in Armenia Great guide and driver Amazing country where nature is extremely present and fantastic.Sceneries admirable. Churches and monasteries illuminate past present and future People very welcoming, lunch with Families excellent food Great museum in Yerevan Please visit and enjoy.

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Steve M

Traveled April 2019

Excellent tour

Excellent tour. Well organized. Excellent local guides. Some very specific issues I could discuss but are specific to individual guides, accommodations and itinerary. Best addressed with Yampu directly.

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Alina M.

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Always a great trip with Yampu!

Always a great trip with Yampu!

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