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Land of the Midnight Sun

Setting political reasonings aside and just appreciating the region’s natural beauty, there is no wonder as to why much of the countries in Scandinavia are considered to be the happiest in the world. Perpetual nights are illuminated by the dancing northern lights followed by days of seemingly never-ending sunlight. Adding in the breathtaking fjords, colossal mountains, and overtly welcoming locals, visitors will see exactly what makes Scandinavia so uniquely Scandinavian. Not to be confused with the Nordic and Baltic regions, the Scandinavian Peninsula has been a political playground for Northern Europe for centuries. Today, the region is shared by Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Whether you decide to try your hand at dog sledding in Tromsø in Northern Norway or to learn of the Finnish sauna Etiquette in Helsinki, Scandinavia offers endless experiences. From cycling Copenhagen, one of the most cycling-friendly cities in the world to savoring traditional Swedish dishes in Stockholm, the choice is yours.


Be in the know before you go


Entry Requirements

A valid passport is required to travel and should have at least 6 months validity after your return home. You should have at least 2 blank pages per country that you are visiting. If your passport does not meet this requirement at the time of departure, you can be denied boarding for your international flight and may consequently incur additional expenses.

The countries of Scandinavia, consisting of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, are four of 26 member countries of the Schengen Convention, under which 22 EU countries (all but Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, and the UK) have abolished checks at common borders. There is no visa required for tourist visits of up to 90 days for most countries, including the United States.

Health and Wellness

Though Scandinavia is a healthy area, you should be up-to-date on the vaccinations that you would normally have back home. There are no vaccinations required to enter the region. For up-to-date information on recommended and required vaccinations and general health travel tips for Scandinavia, please refer to the CDC website. Please consult with your physician for clarification or concerns regarding recommended or required vaccinations.

Please advise us of any dietary restrictions, any medical conditions that may affect your tour, or any other special requests in general at this time in writing so that we may make the appropriate arrangements.