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Marrakech Ambiances


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Private/Group Tour Highlights

  • Explore Marrakech's iconic landmarks, including the Koutoubia Mosque and Bahia Palace.
  • Wander through the labyrinthine alleys of the Medina and immerse yourself in the vibrant souks.
  • Experience the rugged beauty of the Agafay Desert on an exhilarating 4x4 adventure.
  • Delight in a camel ride through the desert as the sun sets over the horizon.
  • Soar above the Atlas Mountains on a thrilling sunrise hot air balloon flight.
  • Indulge in a traditional hammam and massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.
  • Discover the charming coastal town of Essaouira, with its historic medina and picturesque beaches.
  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of the Ourika Valley and savor a cooking class with a renowned chef.
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Tour Overview

Welcome to Marrakech, a city where time seems to stand still amidst the vibrant pulse of everyday life. As you step into its labyrinthine alleys and bustling squares, you’re immediately greeted by a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and scents that epitomize the essence of Morocco. Marrakech, often referred to as the “Red City” for its distinctive terracotta hues, is a melting pot of cultures, where ancient traditions seamlessly merge with modernity. From the imposing silhouette of the Koutoubia Mosque to the intricate mosaics of the Bahia Palace, every corner of this enchanting city tells a story of centuries-old heritage and architectural splendor. 

Over the course of seven unforgettable days, you’ll have the opportunity to unravel the secrets of Marrakech, delving into its rich tapestry of history and culture. From leisurely strolls through the bustling souks, where vibrant textiles and exotic spices tantalize the senses, to tranquil moments of reflection amidst the tranquil oasis of a traditional riad, every experience promises to be a journey of discovery. Whether you’re haggling for treasures in the labyrinthine Medina or savoring the flavors of authentic Moroccan cuisine in a bustling market square, Marrakech offers a sensory feast like no other. So, come lose yourself in the magic of Marrakech, where every moment is a symphony of sights, sounds, and sensations waiting to be explored. 

Round trip transfers to/from airport
6-night accommodation in double or single room
Daily breakfast
4x4 vehicle for round trip transfers to Agafay desert with Lunch and Dinner
Camel ride and ATV ride in Agafay
Day retreat at the Bennounas Farm with cooking class, Lunch and Dinner
Transportation to Essaouira
Half Day guided tour of Marrakech and Essaouira
Monuments and entrance fees as per the program
A/C transportation with English-speaking driver (fresh water available in the car)
Luggage handling at the hotels and Airport
Airports and hotels porterage
All taxes
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Package Price: From £$ 3690

Prices shown above are per person. Hotel categories do not adhere strictly to international ratings; Yampu has evaluated the hotels according to destination and availability. Prices include local airfare (where applicable), hotel accommodation including daily breakfast; all transfers with baggage handling, all guided tours in English and all entrance fees.

Please note that prices are subject to change based on availability and seasonality, especially during the holiday season from December 20th through January 5th each year. Please contact a Yampu Travel Specialist for more information on best times to travel.

Trip Type:

All our trips are operated on a private basis unless specified otherwise. This is only a sample itinerary; your Yampu Tour Consultant will personalize this trip for you according to your available dates, interests and type of hotels. This is your trip and we will work on making it perfect!

Tour Itinerary


Welcome to Marrakech

Upon arrival in Marrakech, you will be greeted by our local guide who will provide a brief overview of the tour during your private transfer to your hotel. After check-in, take some time to relax. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy at leisure.

Overnight stay at the hotel.

Upon arrival in Marrakech, you will be greeted by our local guide who will provide a brief overview of the tour during your private transfer to your hotel. After check-in, take some time to relax. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy at leisure.

Overnight stay at the hotel.


Marrakech City Tour

Today, enjoy the city tour of Marrakesh, the “Red City”, a majestic place filled with palaces, gardens, markets, and mosques. Upon arrival, you will first stand by the Koutoubia Mosque with its 282 ft minaret, an architectural landmark dating back to the late 12th century.

You will continue to the 19th century stunning Bahia Palace and discover the intricate work done by the local artisans to decorate this splendid home built by a powerful Vizir for his Harem. The building includes one hundred and fifty rooms, countless courtyards and interior gardens, a veritable labyrinth of corridors, a Koranic school, hammams, a harem, stables. From there we will start exploring artisan quarters and the colorful Souks to interact with the real life of Marrakech people.

Continue to Dar El Bacha Museum of Confluences, built in 1910 and was the residence of Thami El Glaoui, named Pasha of Marrakech by Sultan Moulay Youssef in 1912. It is one of the medina's finest examples of Riad architecture, dripping with Moroccan Zellige (colorful geometric tilework), intricate white plasterwork and heavy carved cedar-wood lintels. Before sunset we will be strolling in the square of which the city is so famed, Jemaa El Fna. Located at the entrance of the Medina, this triangular square is surrounded by restaurants, stands and public buildings, and provides everyday commercial activities and various forms of entertainment. It is a magical circus where fortune tellers, henna artists, fire eaters, snake charmers, dancing wild costumed monkeys, story tellers, hypnotic medicine-men, cross dressers, tooth pullers, musicians including real Gnaoua, and acrobats gather in a cacophonic feast.

Private transfer back to your hotel for the overnight stay. less


Marrakech - Agafay

Today you will be traveling by a 4x4 to Agafay Desert – a rough, dry, moon-like expanse, 40km outside of Marrakech.

The landscape slowly changes from urban to rural farmland until you reach the rocky desert. A barren, deserted plateau, stretching for miles, this semi-lunar terrain is unforgiving in the summer months, but in the cooler seasons it provides a breath-taking environment, one that is often over-looked by those wanting to shuttle between the Atlas Mountains and Marrakech.

Upon arrival, you will have about 1-hour to enjoy the ATV activity that is included in your package and let each one drive its own single-seat ATV.

Then, enjoy this secluded desert hideaway overlooking the vast Moroccan wilderness, framed by olive trees and organic gardens. This magical place offers the opportunity to commune with nature.

Enjoy lunch and relax near the swimming pool or under a tent. You later enjoy your 45-min. scenic camel ride. After a safety briefing, wear your Nomad dress with the shish (turban) and climb into the saddle on the back of a camel and relax as you enjoy a ride through the hills, take your camera out to snap some photos of the beautiful sunset as the sky changes colors through the stunning views. When your ride is complete, toast the sunset before dinner under the starry skies in a Berber tent. Drive back to Marrakech for overnight stay.

Travel Time: 1 hour1, 15 minutes. less



Day at leisure or wander on your own. You may want to sign in for one of the following optional activities:

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon (near Marrakech)

Float above Morocco’s countryside and enjoy aerial views of the Atlas Mountains on a sunrise hot air balloon flight. Your activity starts with a 4x4 pick up from your hotel ~1-hour before sunrise. After a ~40-min. drive from Marrakech, you’ll arrive at the airfield where Moroccan tea will be served. You will see the preparation of the balloons flying that morning for about 20 minutes. All balloons are green and red, the colors of Morocco flag. You’ll board and take off after receiving a short security briefing. First part of the flight is in high altitude to admire the region in its entirety: Jbilet Mountains, Marrakech, and the Atlas Mountains. Second part of the flight is at low altitude over typical villages where you’ll see valleys, farms, kids going to school, etc. After a 1-hour flight, you’ll be driven through the Moroccan bush in a kaidal tent where a typical Berber breakfast will be served. Expect to return to your hotel/Riad at ~10-10:30AM.

Note: The activity will be confirmed the previous day depending on weather forecast. Pickup time from hotel is confirmed the day before the flight as well. Pickup is usually set up 1:15-hour before sunrise. All flight times are approximate and subject to change due to weather conditions and weight restrictions.

Traditional Hammam and Massage

A hammam is a traditional Moroccan Spa. Historically, the hammam was a public bathhouse for the locals to clean off the dirt and grime invariably accumulated after traveling through the desert. Today, the hammam still serves this purpose for the locals, and is brought to a higher level for the tourists. In the hammam, you will be submerged by a complete relaxation experience within an authentic oriental décor where you’ll be listening to your own body in an atmosphere filled with water, oils, essences and perfumes. Enjoy a 30-min. scrub done by expert hands with black soap or soothing spices eliminating toxins from your body. After Hammam, sway to the massage room where you will experience a 30-min. traditional Moroccan massage to eliminate tensions and gain energy and vitality. A tea is served in the relaxing room before you leave. less


Marrakech - Essaouira - Marrakech

Today, you will go on a journey to Essaouira where you will enjoy most of the day at leisure.

This relatively small, easily navigable beach city is ideal for a free day.

Essaouira has got a distinct multicultural feel, resulting from the large Portuguese, French, and Jewish populations that once called it home. Its mild climate and extensive stretches of ocean sand also place it among Morocco’s top beach towns. Essaouira’s walled medina was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 2001.

Its well-preserved, late-18th-century fortified layout is a prime example of European military architecture in North Africa. For the visitor, the mellow atmosphere, narrow winding streets lined with colorful shops, whitewashed houses and heavy old -wooden doors make it a wonderful place to stroll. Later in the afternoon you will be transferred back to Marrakech for your overnight stay.

Travel Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes. less


Marrakech – Ourika Valley – Marrakech

Today, you will be picked up by your private guide in a deluxe car for a 20-minute drive to the Valley of Ourika.

Upon arrival at the entrance to the trail, you will switch to a camel, donkey, or mule depending on availability, for transfer to the Bennouna’s farm. A welcome drink is served by the Farm host, followed with a tour of the property that is surrounded by a spectacular décor with the Atlas Mountains in the background.

Enjoy a 20-min. meditation on the roof of the farmhouse (yoga class optional upon request on your own expense). Light lunch will be served. A swimming pool is available for use (if season permits) and fresh drinks are at your disposal (extra charge for alcohol drinks and wine) or enjoy a breathtaking walk in the surroundings.

We will start to prepare for the cooking class at 4PM. First, we pick up vegetables from the garden if season permits, then bring them to the kitchen to begin an immersed experience with the New York Times 3-stars Executive Chef. You will dine on the food you cooked. After dinner, witness the sunset on the terrace of the villa. Herbal tea or coffee will be served.

Afterwards, you will be transferred back to Marrakech for your overnight stay. less


Marrakech Airport

After checking out at your hotel, you will be privately transferred to the airport for your return flight.

After checking out at your hotel, you will be privately transferred to the airport for your return flight.

Places You'll See

  • Marrakech

    Marrakech sits north of the foothills of the majestic Atlas Mountains and is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities. Marrakech has been referred to as “the red city” because many of the old buildings were built with red sandstone. The city has long been known as a popular trading destination and is now visited by tourists for its authentic markets and vendors. Marrakech still has a very traditional old town but modern neighborhoods have also emerged alongside these historic areas. Marrakech is one of the largest economic centers in the country and a very popular tourist destination.

  • Agafay Desert

    Step into the Agafay Desert, a rugged expanse of lunar-like landscapes that beckons adventurers and dreamers alike. Located just 40 kilometers outside of Marrakech, this captivating desert offers a stark contrast to the bustling city life. Here, you’ll embark on a journey of discovery, traversing vast plateaus and rocky terrain that seem to stretch endlessly towards the horizon. Immerse yourself in the raw beauty of this untamed wilderness as you venture forth on exhilarating 4×4 adventures and camel rides, exploring hidden oases and secluded hideaways nestled amidst the dunes. From the thrill of off-road excursions to the tranquility of starlit nights beneath the desert sky, the Agafay Desert promises an unforgettable encounter with nature’s raw majesty. 

  • Essaouira

    Welcome to Essaouira, a coastal gem nestled along Morocco’s Atlantic shoreline, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge to create an enchanting destination like no other. With its distinctive blend of Portuguese, French, and Moroccan influences, Essaouira exudes a timeless charm that captivates visitors from around the world. Stroll through the winding alleyways of the medina, where whitewashed houses and colorful shops line the cobblestone streets, or relax on sun-drenched beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. From the historic ramparts of the old city to the bustling fishing port where local fishermen ply their trade, Essaouira offers a wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered. 

  • Ourika Valley

    Nestled amidst the foothills of the Atlas Mountains lies the Ourika Valley, a tranquil oasis of natural beauty and rural charm that offers a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. As you journey through this picturesque valley, you’ll be greeted by verdant landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and traditional Berber villages nestled amidst terraced hillsides. Explore the winding trails that lead through lush orchards and fragrant rose gardens, or cool off in the crystal-clear waters of the Ourika River. Whether you’re embarking on scenic hikes to panoramic viewpoints or immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of local communities, the Ourika Valley invites you to slow down, reconnect with nature, and savor the simple joys of life. 

Hotel Options

4 Star Properties

Marrakech : Longue Vie

5 Star Properties

Marrakech : JAAL Resort Hotel

Luxury Properties

Marrakech : Villa des Orangers



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