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Ultimate El Salvador Adventure


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Private/Group Tour Highlights

  • Explore Joya de Cerén, a UNESCO World Heritage site frozen in time by volcanic ash.
  • Wander through the ruins of San Andrés, offering a glimpse into Mayan civilization.
  • Experience the vibrant Ruta de Las Flores with its colorful towns and scenic vistas.
  • Soar through the treetops on a thrilling zipline adventure in Apaneca.
  • Conquer the summit of Ilamatepec Volcano for panoramic views of Lake Coatepeque.
  • Immerse yourself in the colonial charm of Suchitoto and its indigo workshops.
  • Discover post-war resilience in Cinquera and hike to the mesmerizing Los Tercios waterfalls.
  • Support sea turtle conservation efforts in Bahía de Jiquilisco through hands-on participation.
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Tour Overview

Experience an extraordinary journey through the captivating landscapes and rich heritage of El Salvador, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Central America. From the vibrant streets of San Salvador to the tranquil coastal havens, this itinerary promises an immersive exploration of the country’s diverse culture, ancient history, and breathtaking natural wonders.

Prepare to be enchanted as you delve into the mysteries of ancient Mayan ruins, soar through cloud forests on exhilarating zipline adventures, and contribute to the conservation of endangered sea turtles along the pristine shores of Bahía de Jiquilisco. 

- Accommodation
- Private transfers as mentioned in Itinerary
- Local Speaking English Guide during the tours
- Sales Taxes & service charge for restaurant meals included on the trip.
- Salvadoran 13% value-added tax (IVA) and 5% tourism tax on all hotel services.

Note: This is just a quote and suggested program. If at time of booking quoted hotels are not available, similar hotels will be booked and price is subject to change.

- Extras at hotels (telephone calls, room service, porterage, laundry, alcoholic drinks, etc.)
- Drinks
- Any additional/extra tours or park fees.
- Tips & Gratuities for Guide, Driver, local guides and service providers.
- Personal and/or medical expenses.
- Any incidentals out of pocket or medical expenses. Please ensure you carry appropriate insurance, which covers all the activities in this itinerary, inherited risks, luggage protection and holiday cancellation.
- Late check-out or early check-in.
- International Flights

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Please note that prices are subject to change based on availability and seasonality, especially during the holiday season from December 20th through January 5th each year. Please contact a Yampu Travel Specialist for more information on best times to travel.

Trip Type:

All our trips are operated on a private basis unless specified otherwise. This is only a sample itinerary; your Yampu Tour Consultant will personalize this trip for you according to your available dates, interests and type of hotels. This is your trip and we will work on making it perfect!

Tour Itinerary


Welcome to El Salvador – San Salvador

Upon arriving at San Salvador International Airport, you will be greeted by your driver who will escort you to your hotel in the vibrant capital city of San Salvador.

Upon arriving at San Salvador International Airport, you will be greeted by your driver who will escort you to your hotel in the vibrant capital city of San Salvador.


Joya de Ceren – Ataco

Your guide will pick you up and drive you to Joya de Cerén, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993.

This unique location offers a rare glimpse into the everyday life of pre-Columbian Mayan villagers. Buried under 14 layers of volcanic ash, Joya de Cerén provides a well-preserved snapshot of ancient Mayan life, complete with utensils, ceramics, furniture, and even half-eaten food left behind as the villagers escaped the eruptions. Remarkably, no human remains have been found, suggesting that the villagers fled in time.

Next, you will visit San Andrés, another significant Mayan site inhabited between AD 600 and 900. Explore the site and its charming museum before continuing your journey.

In the afternoon, you will transfer to the mountains of the Ruta de Las Flores, renowned for its vibrant wildflowers. This region is famous for its stunning panoramic views of mountainside coffee plantations, lagoons, and dense cloud forests. You will also visit the quaint town of Ataco, adorned with colorful decorations and filled with shops showcasing authentic arts and crafts.

Overnight at Ataco.
...read less


Ataco – Apaneca – Ataco

Today, you will embark on an exciting adventure in Apaneca, starting with a visit to the picturesque Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde) nestled in the tranquil cloud forest.

There are several thrilling activities to choose from:
You can opt for a mountain biking tour that begins high in the Apaneca mountains. This tour takes you to the stunning Laguna Verde Crater Lake before you enjoy a thrilling downhill ride that can lead you all the way to a nearby colonial town. Alternatively, you can hike around the lagoon, exploring the beautiful coffee plantations that surround it.

In the afternoon, get ready for an exhilarating experience as you soar through the skies above the coffee plantations in the Apaneca region. You will glide along more than 2,000 meters of cable, traversing fourteen platforms suspended high in the canopy trees, with individual treks reaching up to 150 meters.

After the tour, you will return to Ataco for an overnight stay. ...read less


Cerro Verde National Park & Lake Coatepeque

Start your day with a scenic drive to Los Volcanes National Park, home to the majestic volcanoes of Izalco, Santa Ana, and Cerro Verde.

This stunning landscape boasts rich biodiversity and features towering trees that are over 300 years old. The park is teeming with wildlife, including numerous species of hummingbirds and black birds known as "chara," which play a unique role in feeding other birds, like toucans, during mating season. Stroll along the 'The Orchids' trail to admire the vibrant and exotic orchids native to this region.

At 11 am, embark on a hike up Ilamatepec (Santa Ana) Volcano, the highest volcano in El Salvador at 2,381 meters above sea level. This impressive volcano has four craters, one of which contains a sulfur lagoon. Ilamatepec's most recent eruption occurred on the morning of October 1st, 2005. Situated within the Apaneca mountain range and surrounded by cloud forests, this area is renowned for its coffee plantations. From the summit, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Lake Coatepeque, a sparkling blue crater lake.

In the afternoon, enjoy an optional late lunch by Lake Coatepeque, offering a stunning view of the crystal-clear waters. This crater lake, 6 kilometers wide and 120 meters deep, is encircled by the lush green slopes of Izalco and Santa Ana volcanoes.

Later, transfer to the charming colonial town of Suchitoto, where you will be dropped off at your hotel for an overnight stay. ...read less



Today, you will immerse yourself in the charm of Suchitoto, renowned for its beautiful colonial houses and church, vibrant art galleries, and proximity to Lake Suchitlan.

This lake, once a river, was dammed to create an ecosystem teeming with diverse bird species, including pelicans, herons, and storks, making it a paradise for bird watchers.

The day begins with a historical city tour, highlighting all the notable sights in town. You will embark on a guided walk through Suchitoto, visiting its iconic church, bustling market, and traditional corn mill.

An Indigo workshop awaits, where you will discover the ancient art of extracting this natural dye from the Xiquilite plant. Indigo held great significance for the Mayans, used in magic and religious rituals, medicine, pottery, and painting. You will have the opportunity to learn about the entire process and design your own scarf.

As the day winds down, enjoy the breathtaking sunset over Lake Suchitlan. You will spend the night in Suchitoto, reflecting on a day filled with culture, history, and creativity. ...read less



Embark on another day of adventures in and around Suchitoto.

You can choose to go horseback riding to Guazapa, guided by a local ex-guerrilla who will share insights into their former combat sites, campsites, trenches, tattoos, and bomb craters. Guazapa, a strategic stronghold of the rebels for twelve years, witnessed numerous bombings and military raids as the army repeatedly attempted to reclaim the territory.

Alternatively, visit Cinquera, a charming rural community in the Salvadorian Department of Cabañas. This post-war community exemplifies collective effort towards a better life, prioritizing sustainability and the establishment of a nature preserve. Once a ghost town during El Salvador’s civil war, Cinquera has transformed into a peaceful, well-organized community. Explore their natural reserve with a local guide and hike through the rainforest.

In the afternoon, visit the stunning waterfalls of Los Tercios. Return to Suchitoto for an overnight stay. ...read less


Suchitoto - Bahía de Jiquilisco

Early in the morning, we will depart for Bahía de Jiquilisco, where you will spend the night.

This bay, a natural treasure in the eastern part of the country, is renowned for its abundant biodiversity and has been designated both a RAMSAR site and a Biosphere Reserve.

Bahía de Jiquilisco is home to over 17 species that thrive in its mangrove forests, rich with natural resources. You can explore the bay’s channels by kayak, venturing into the deep mangrove swamps where you can observe a variety of birds, colorful crabs, and fish.

Join an incredible tour where you can participate in capturing and releasing giant turtles, such as Hawksbill or Black Turtles. Learn about the ICAPO project (hawsbill.org) dedicated to protecting these magnificent sea creatures. This tour supports the sustainability of the conservation project, contributing to ongoing research efforts.

During the tour, you will assist in weighing and measuring the turtles, taking skin samples, and placing identification plates on them. The experience is guided by professionals, including veterinarians and biologists, who work directly with the conservation program. By participating, you will actively support the preservation of these vital species.

After the day's activities, enjoy an overnight stay in Bahía de Jiquilisco, immersing yourself in the serene natural surroundings and the tranquil ambiance of this unique location. ...read less


Bahia de Jiquilisco - El Cuco

Today, you will transfer to El Salvador's stunning east coast, near the charming town of El Cuco, home to some of the country's most beautiful beaches.

Nestled in this tropical paradise, you will experience world-class surf breaks.

Your day will kick off with an introductory surf lesson from a professional surfer. The sandy beaches here are ideal for beginners, with gentle waves that are perfect for learning, especially at high tide. Under the guidance of experienced surf instructors, you will catch your first waves. After your lesson, you will have access to a surfboard for the rest of the day to practice and perfect your skills.

Spend the night in El Cuco, soaking in the tranquil coastal vibes. ...read less


Leisure day at El Cuco

Indulge in a day of leisure, or if you're feeling adventurous, dive into another invigorating surf lesson!

Alternatively, immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of El Cuco by exploring local markets, indulging in delicious cuisine, or embarking on a nature hike to discover the breathtaking scenery that surrounds this vibrant destination.

Spend the night in El Cuco.

Indulge in a day of leisure, or if you're feeling adventurous, dive into another invigorating surf lesson!

Alternatively, immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of El Cuco by exploring local markets, indulging in delicious cuisine, or embarking on a nature hike to discover the breathtaking scenery that surrounds this vibrant destination.

Spend the night in El Cuco.


El Cuco – International Flight Home

From El Cuco, you will be transferred back to the International Airport at San Salvador for you flight home.

From El Cuco, you will be transferred back to the International Airport at San Salvador for you flight home.

San Salvador, El Salvador

Joya de Ceren, El Salvador

Concepción de Ataco, El Salvador

Apaneca, El Salvador

Cerro Verde National Park, El Salvador

Lake Coatepeque, El Salvador

Suchitoto, El Salvador

Bahía de Jiquilisco, El Salvador

El Cuco, El Salvador

Places You'll See

  • San Salvador

    San Salvador, the vibrant capital city of El Salvador, serves as the country’s political, cultural, and economic hub. Nestled in a valley surrounded by volcanoes, the city offers a mix of modern urban life and rich historical heritage. Visitors can explore landmarks such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, and the iconic Plaza Libertad. San Salvador is also known for its bustling markets, lively nightlife, and burgeoning culinary scene, making it a dynamic destination for travelers seeking both adventure and culture.

  • Ataco

    Ataco, officially known as Concepción de Ataco, is a charming town in the Ahuachapán department, famed for its colorful murals and cobblestone streets. Located along the Ruta de las Flores, Ataco is a haven for art lovers and those seeking a quaint, picturesque experience. The town’s vibrant arts scene, local crafts, and traditional coffee plantations provide a rich cultural backdrop. With its cool mountain climate and friendly atmosphere, Ataco is a perfect spot for leisurely strolls and exploring El Salvador’s artistic heart.

  • Suchitoto-church-El-Salvador


    Suchitoto is one destination that can fulfill every person’s interests from the outdoor adventurist to the art focused. Enjoy the weekly markets along the cobblestone streets that are lined with local artisans or trek to the numerous volcanoes and waterfalls nearby. The colonial buildings will captivate every type of traveler.

  • Bahía de Jiquilisco

    Bahía de Jiquilisco is a breathtaking coastal bay located in the Usulután department, renowned for its rich biodiversity and ecological significance. This protected area encompasses mangrove forests, estuaries, and numerous islands, making it a paradise for birdwatchers, marine life enthusiasts, and eco-tourists. The bay’s calm waters and secluded beaches offer perfect conditions for kayaking, fishing, and relaxing in a pristine natural setting. Bahía de Jiquilisco’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism ensures a unique and enriching experience for visitors.

  • El Cuco

    El Cuco is a serene beach town situated on the Pacific coast of El Salvador, known for its long stretches of sandy beaches and laid-back atmosphere. Located in the San Miguel department, El Cuco is a popular destination for surfers, sunbathers, and anyone looking to unwind by the sea. The town offers a range of accommodations, from rustic beach huts to comfortable hotels, catering to various tastes and budgets. With its stunning sunsets, warm waters, and relaxed vibe, El Cuco is an ideal spot for a tranquil seaside escape.

Hotel Options

4 Star Properties

San Salvador : Hotel Sal y Luz

Ataco : Hotel Casa Degraciela

Suchitoto : Los Almendros de San Lorenzo

El Cuco : Hotel Los Mangos



Traveled August, 2009

All in all a fantastic trip.

We got back last night after a fantastic trip. I think Georgie would agree that it was one of our best trips we’ve been on. I am rushing all over the place today as off on holiday again at 4.30am tomorrow. Nothing like another holiday to get over the post holiday blues! All in all a fantastic trip. Overall I think what really worked well was that we felt we spent just the right amount of time in each place. Thanks again for all your help. It was much appreciated, particularly given the limited time we left to organise it all!


Traveled February, 2012

All of the staff and guides were excellent

We had a great holiday thank you.We saw loads of birds, pelicans, egrets, 5 or more heron species, 3 monkey species including a mutant one that was all ginger, both sloth species, lots of caimen, loads of iguana, 4 kingfisher species, raccoons, 2 sorts of toucan, 2 sorts of buzzard, Jesus Christ lizards, white ibis, a variety of hummingbirds and best of all a female and a juvenile Resplendent Quetzal. I’m sure there were more but I need to see what turns up on the photos.Manatus lodge was fabulous. Because we stayed there 3 nights, when most people stay 2, they offered us a special meal for lunch on the 3rd day. It was a traditional meal and was excellent. All of the staff was excellent.Tabacon Spa was very good but we were busy every day we didn’t get much of a chance to try their hot springs and facilities.We were a little disappointed with El Establo. The rooms were great and the hotel had obviously been built so that they all had fabulous views. The problem was it advertised tea & coffee making facilities in all rooms and ice machines on all blocks. The manager had decided the coffee machines were too much trouble and had removed them from the rooms. Free coffee was available in the restaurants and reception. Our room was in the 800 block, about a mile down a steep hill from reception. It was not practical to ring for a shuttle bus down to a restaurant or reception to collect coffee to take back to your room. We asked a maid where the ice was in our block and there wasn’t any but, without being asked, somebody turned up within minutes with a bag of ice.All of the staff and guides were excellent but especially good were Pablo on the Cano Negro tour and the driver who took us from Monteverde back to San Jose.

Traveled To

Jeanette S.

Traveled June, 2013

and I absolutely loved it

Thank you for a great trip! Merida is definitely a must see! A beautiful city! I felt completely safe and even went out in the evening to see the beautiful folkloric show at the town center. The central location of the Hotel del Gobernador was a really good choice! Everybody was very friendly , punctual and knowledgable. I really enjoyed Celestun and the tour into the estuary, the guide stopped for me in little towns along the way to Celestun to show me real life in villages in Yucatan. The tour through the swamp was interesting and super fun, because my guide had a very good knowledge about the wildlife and nature there. My Hotel in Cancun was sweet, very clean and friendly and the food in the Palapa was pretty good. I wanted a beach view so I decided to upgrade and it was well worth it. It is a great Hotel for familys with little kids so next time I probably would have picked a bigger Hotel like the Iberostar since I traveled by myself. However there was nothing wrong with The Kin Ha Beachscape , it is just more for familys and couples,good location for shopping. As always you guys were great in organizing everything for me and I felt very safe and well taken care of! Everybody was so surprised that I decided to go to Mexico by myself but I had full confidence in your company to make everything go smooth for me . I love that your company takes pride in making trips unique and knows how to customize . I went to Brazil with Yampu Tours a few years ago and my friend and I absolutely loved it! Keep up the good work and your customers have no other choice than to fall in love with the people and the countries they travel to!

Traveled To

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