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The Land of the Terraced Bay

Lose yourself in all that the Island of Taiwan has to offer. From bustling cities blending modern and traditional architecture to lush lakes and bays covered in bamboo and banana trees, to exquisite mountains and marble gorges carved by roaring rivers centuries old. Taiwan is a country with thousands of years of history coupling together with a unique and prominent blend of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Western influences. After meandering through the capital of Taipei and enjoying the unique atmosphere of some of the local markets and amazing landmarks, explore Sun Moon Lake with its lush coasts and gorgeous temples. One cannot miss the natural wonders of Taroko National Park with its marble cliffs holding some of the greatest technological feats of mankind. Zigzag through the tunnel roads within the magnificent cliff sides and cross the stunning bridges spanning the iconic Liwu River. Although the island may be a mesmerizing cultural melting pot, Taiwan is unlike any other destination in Asia that must be placed at the top of all traveler's bucket lists!