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Bel Paese; The Beautiful Country

Often referred to as “The Boot” thanks to its geographical shape that resembles a high heel, Italy is arguably the capital of fashion, cuisine, art, and history of the western world. Once encompassing much of Europe, the middle east and northern Africa, the birth of the great Roman empire transpired, spreading western knowledge, culture, and religion through its reaches. From the creation of Christianity rose the funding of the arts, stemming the renaissance period. The famously flamboyant Italien Renaissance artist, Leonardo Davinci is believed to have invented the now universally known high heel shoe in the model of the country’s shape, while Venice’s prestigious women adorned the tallest of heels known as the chopine to elevate them above the muddy streets (and the common folk). Italy’s importance in fashion has spanned centuries, much like its gastronomy. Foodies and culinary artists flock from all regions of the world to not only taste Italy’s famed cuisine but to experience the love and devotion that is put into the dishes’ creation. From the verdant valleys of Tuscany to the iconic sites of Rome and the delicious Mediterranean flavors of Sicily, Italy is the epitome of experiential travel.

We are currently working on creating new, suggested itineraries in Italy. In the meantime, please contact one of our expert Tour Consultants to discuss building your own custom trip to Italy and the rest of Europe!


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