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A Culinary Exploration to Add to your Bucket List


As a foodie who loves to travel, of course you are familiar with the popular travel destinations that are known for amazing food such as Italy, Thailand, and Mexico. But there may be a new food Mecca to add to your bucket list that will pleasantly surprise you…Peru. The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, regarded as the Oscars of gastronomy, has added 3 amazing Peruvian eateries on the list that you do not want to miss while travelling to South America.  



The committee recently selected Central, run by chef Virgilio Martinez, as the second-best restaurant in the world and the best restaurant in South America during its edition held in London. The restaurant opened in 2008 and is a true reflection of Martinez’s love and passion for Peru. As quoted in an interview from Michelin Guide, Virgilio explained “When I go to the mountains and to the Amazon, I speak to people, I get to understand a little bit how people used to live thousands of years ago and for me, those stories, they have lots of value and they are very meaningful. That is why I love to cook.” His restaurant featuring dishes crafted from local Peruvian ingredients, stunning interior design and an atmosphere like no other is an expression of the enchanted tales of Peru that have inspired him. 



Maido, created by chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, is ranked eleventh on the list. This unique dining experience is where Peru meets Japan, and everyone is raving about this fusion know as Nikkei Cuisine. The well-known contemporary restaurant has been open since 2009 and offers the finest selection of Nikkei cuisine, highlighting master Japanese techniques, complimented by the beautiful flavors and local ingredients of Peru. The décor is a uniquely warm design made to represent the fireplace. This is where families come together. Individual and collective histories are forged, and it reflects where life begins. 



And to finish off the Peruvian trio, Mayta, created by chef Jaime Pesaque, also made the list, coming in at number 32.  

“Mayta, which means Noble Land in the Aymara language, is a personal and contemporary expression of the Peruvian cuisine and territory.” -Jaime Pesaque 

This quote is everything that Mayta stands for. The vibrant menu offers an exquisite taste of Peru, celebrating the freshest Peruvian ingredients. Chef Jaime Pesaque honed his craft in some of the world’s most decorated kitchens before finally opening Mayta in his homeland of Peru. Mayta is a unique dining experience that pays homage to Pesaque’s background, providing an authentic, upscale Peruvian dinner setting. The restaurant is sure to take your taste buds right to the heart of Peru for an experience that you will not forget. 


These 3 restaurants highlighted by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants are just the tipping point of your culinary exploration of Peru. There are so many more amazing eateries to visit on your Culinary Tour of Peru. Yampu Tours offers a Peruvian experience of the lifetime. You will get a full taste of Peru, dining at exquisite the most restaurants, visiting the vibrant food markets and even learning to prepare your own local delicacies. We would love to invite you to book one of our private tour of Peru.


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