Can’t decide between Mountains and Beaches for your vacation?  These are the best destinations offering both!   Peru Generally, when one thinks of Peru the vast Andean Mountain peaks come to mind, sheltering long lost Incan relics and extensively winding trails calling for adventurers and nature lovers alike. Much of this may be true, but Peru being a coastal country […]

Ski Portillo with John Egan this summer from August 2nd-11th, 2018  in Chile Want to escape the heat and hit the slopes for your summer vacation? Sugarbush Resort has teamed up with Ski Portillo and world-renowned skier and 2016 hall of fame inductee, John Egan, to arrange a week of skiing in Chile this August! Upon arrival in Santiago, Chile, […]

Most major cities have great options for exploring by bicycle. It’s a great way to get around quickly without skipping the up-close perspective you get by exploring on foot. Skip the traffic and see the world around you up close on the back of a great bike! Here’s our top picks for places to tour by bicycle. Peru Peru is […]

I experienced some of the best parts of Peru and Argentina, including the glaciers in the Argentina side of Patagonia. Ahead of me awaited one of the most coveted destinations in South America: Chile. Chile is known for its vastly diverse landscapes, it’s delicious wine, great skiing and of course the beautiful Chilean side of Patagonia. It really makes sense […]

One of Yampu’s Tour Consultants, Maggie, went to Peru, Chile and Argentina to get an eye-witness view of some of the best experiences these countries have to offer. She returned with great stories and expert knowledge that will be used to plan amazing custom itineraries for Yampu travelers in her new role as tour consultant. Read about her experiences in […]

Yampu co-founder, Monica Irauzqui, was interviewed while at industry event, TravelMart LatinAmerica, on exciting new options she’s added to Yampu’s customized tours. I was looking for and found many exciting options to connect our clients with meeting people and giving back in our destinations,” says Monica Irazqui, v.p. of Yampu Tours. We are always in the market for off-the-beaten-path adventure […]