Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of daily visitors allowed to enter Peru was cut to 2,244 in 2020. However, the Ministry of Culture has increased the capacity to 4,044 visitors per day, effective until December 31, 2022, in order to consider the need to revive the tourism industry. This action will enable tourism to resume in Cusco and […]

Yampu Traveler, Cheryl is another talented nature photographer who graciously shares her stunning photographs from each of her adventurous Yampu experiences. Also a dedicated veterinarian, Cheryl loves to capture images of the unique wildlife she encounters during her explorations. Cheryl recently partook in a wild adventure in Ecuador where she photographed numerous animals within the Canande and San Isidro reserves. […]

Yampu Tours founders, Monica and Jose Irauzqui recently returned from an inspection trip to Costa Rica, checking that all hotels and services are to Yampu’s gold standards, especially during this strange time. The two were thoroughly impressed by the attention to cleanliness and safety at every turn, meeting Yampu’s requirements with flying colors. Sharing some of their experiences and what […]

Not so fun fact, around 380 million metric tons of plastic are being created annually around the globe with 8 million of that entering the oceans each year. To put it into perspective, this is equivalent to emptying an entire garbage truck into the ocean every. single. minute. Thankfully, among the increasingly popular travel trends in 2019 including solo travel and wellness […]

Acknowledged annually on April 22nd, Earth Day is a worldwide celebration in which various events are held to show support for environmental protection. Since Yampu Tours’ founding, the company has had an unwavering commitment to supporting the regions in which we explore in order to provide a long-lasting future for this stunning world we live in. From sourcing eco-friendly accommodations […]

The ecosystem that lies within a rainforest’s canopy is delicate, intricate, and nothing short of spectacular, but is a facet of the forest that few beyond the birds and primates get the chance to experience. With a growing push for the health of our planet’s ecosystems, and growth in eco-tourism, those with a passion for nature, biology, photography, and exploration […]

Leading Tour Operator in South and Central America Unveils the Motivations and Ideals Coexisting Within the Yampu Name January 7th 2016, Monica Irauzqui, Vice President and Co-Founder of Yampu Tours is an expert in customizable travels in South and Central America, India, Asia, Africa, and Antarctica. She is a multi-awarded authority at designing themed itineraries including culinary, spiritual, adventure, and […]

We appreciate the destinations that we offer and know that their history, culture, communities, wildlife, and influence are all extremely important pieces that need to be preserved.  We at Yampu are a sustainable company that works towards promoting grassroots efforts and environmentally conscious travel wherever possible.  Our company and employees put forth their best efforts to recommend locally owned and […]