CEO of  Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), Shannon Stowell, recently spoke on the benefits of world travel in the ever-growing tourism industry during his informative “Change the World … Take a Vacation” TEDxBend talk, highlighting how adventure travel can positively impact local cultures and the environment. “Adventure travel has forever changed my assumptions about other people and about the world,” […]

There are time’s that travel, no matter how passionate about it you may be, becomes a daunting task. Whether you’re concerned about safety or the process of planning transportation, choosing and booking accommodations, finding activities, managing your time, navigating unknown places, the things to do before leaving, the things to do when you return, the list is endless. Yampu’s Tour Consultants […]

Those who are interested in sailing Patagonia cruises better hurry! If you book before June 30th, you can take 10% off your Australis voyage! All outdoor cabins overlook large glaciers, forests, and snow-capped mountains, and each day of adventure is followed by a long, Spanish dinner full of local and regional specialties, from oysters and king crab to Argentine beef […]