For all of those looking to enjoy this Thirsty Thursday, we have the traditional Peruvian cocktail recipe waiting for you! The preparation of Pisco with lemon dates back to the 18th century, and the first Pisco Sour is theorized to have been created in the early 1920’s, by bartender Victor Vaughn Morris. He was an American who had lived in […]

After her recent travels to Africa, the Vice President of Yampu Tours, Monica Irauzqui, is excited to start planning new safari options! Now even more of an expert in the region, read on to let her help you find the best safari option for you! What kind of Safari is for you? “A Safari trip is a bucket list place […]

Yampu Tours prides themselves on their enthusiasm with the destinations they sell. Why is this? The Yampu Crew has, or wants to travel to these places themselves! After a quick survey, here are the favorites for the travel team! Q: What is/are your top destination(s)? A: Jose: Peru, Bali, S Africa, Nicaragua, Patagonia Monica: My Top 5 list is Peru, […]

Codes for Calling Internationally As soon as we learned to dial, we have been memorizing phone numbers; Home phone, the number to call “sick” out of school, and every friend whose number we scribbled down at lunch. As you get older, the numbers you know just slightly change; family members cellphones, the number to call “sick” out of work, and […]

Make a trip to the Galapagos your next big Adventure! Built into our elementary school curriculum, the Galapagos are a key part in our teachings on evolution. In 1835, Charles Darwin came to the islands aboard the HMS Beagle, full of ambition and calculated theories. His observations and collections from this journey helped the development of Darwin’s theory of evolution […]

As one of Yampu Tours’ Travel Consultants inspects the beauty and culture of Brazil, she found a must-have for our tailor-made itineraries to the area: Horseback Riding in the Pantanal How does Yampu Tours decide where to send their valued clients? They make sure to personally inspect every detail of their destinations. Yampu provides not only a high quality service, […]

Push your Limits with These Adventure Tours around the World Even if you find yourself apprehensive at times, we all have a secret adventure nut that’s buried deep within us. This may not mean bungee jumping off a bridge over the Amazon, but could purely be the urge to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Your […]

The Vice President of Yampu Tours, Monica Irauzqui has become a true travel guru across the globe. Furthermore, she has been taking her experiences and forming them into a skill in her own home. Monica has become a master of Peruvian cuisine. Modest about her new hobby, listen to her take on the South American cuisine, and steal her recipe […]

Take that Vacation at These TOP Summer Destinations                 As the school yards clear out, and the flower blooms start to burst, it’s time for that much anticipated season . . .  Summer Vacation! You worked hard through the holidays, and made it through the muddy spring, so it’s time for some much needed time off. Only one question remains. […]