Learn all about our lovely tour designer, Michelle, who is an essential part of making clients’ dream travel plans come true! Name: Michelle Dorval Hometown: Sutton, Massachusetts How long have you been with Yampu? 10 months! Q: What advice do you have for prospective travelers? A: Go with the flow! You will be surprised just how many life long memories can […]

Yampu’s Operations Department is the shoulder our travelers can lean on. A 24/7 emergency phone line for the unpredictable things that can happen when abroad, yet the assurance that the nitty-gritty details and logistics, which make tours run smoothly, have been handled for you. It is the perfect recipe for carefree travel that your dreams are made of, and the […]

In the summer of 2016, Yampu decided to take more concrete steps toward growth and implemented a tour designer training program, which required trainees that would help to shape Yampu’s growing company culture. Maggie was one of the first people to complete the program and to be promoted to join Yampu’s tour consultant team. Now, she uses her creativity to […]

Want to travel with flair? Veteran tour consultant, Wendy, is well-traveled and uses her firsthand knowledge to put a special spin on travel for her clients. Get to know  our Elite Tour Consultant, Wendy, in her Q&A below! Name: Wendy Murray Title: Elite Tour Consultant Hometown: South Side Chicago Time at Yampu: Six-year Anniversary is fast approaching! Q: Before working at Yampu […]

Where would we be without a killer product department? Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that! Kendra joined Yampu’s product team six months ago and has played a pivotal role in expanding Yampu’s destinations, working to add the Middle East and Northern Africa to our offerings. She has traveled extensively and her passion for travel shines through her work. […]

Yampu’s sales staff radiates creativity, fun and adventurousness in all that they do. They will make your trip amazing because they’ve done the coolest things out there! One of our most inventive veterans is our Regional Sales Manager & Group Coordinator, Stephanie. She just returned from Argentina, Chile and Bolivia armed with even more great travel ideas for her clients. […]

As is true for many companies, human resources is the oil that keeps the wheels turning. Our human resources generalist, Marianne, is also our primary numbers-cruncher, making her a doubly essential for keeping things running smoothly at Yampu. Don’t let the “accounting” part of her title fool you though, Marianne wields the imagination to participate in diverse hobbies, including jaw-dropping cake […]

Yampu’s general sales manager, Karolina, has been making the dreams of Yampu travelers come true for more than ten years. A true world traveler, she inspires her colleagues and clients with her firsthand knowledge and fun-loving and adventurous spirit. As a veteran tour consultant and experienced traveler she is always happy to help anyone on the Yampu team. Learn more […]