The Belizean Journey continues through the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve               After a thrilling tour through San Ignacio, Jose and Monica Irauzqui headed to the forests of the Mountain Pine Ridge. Predominantly pine forest, the reserve is located in the Cayo District full of endless flora and fauna. The Mountain Pine Ridge has poorly defined boundaries, but the […]

International Calling and Cell Phone Use  It’s a nice idea, removing that phone that’s been plastered to your hand for weeks, and escape being so easily reachable. A true vacation is getting away from everything, including that constant internet connection! Unfortunately, whether it be family, friends, or work, it’s hard to travel without some contact with those at home. You […]

The Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations and Traditions (Outside of Dublin!)                   Even though it is not an official holiday everywhere, St. Patrick’s Day has been widely accepted as a celebration around the world. For Christians, March 17th commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. For the rest of the masses, the day has become a […]

A quick guide to our destination’s visa requirements for US Citizens   It’s never the most exciting part of your travel plans, but it’s definitely necessary. Don’t get nervous that you’ll be turned around at the border’s entry, and take a quick look to see what the visa requirements are for your big trip! South America Peru – up to […]

The Founders of Yampu Tours enjoy the 2nd section of their trip at the capital of the Cayo District  As they continue to gain infinite knowledge on their company’s destinations, Jose and Monica Irauzqui, the Founders of Yampu Tours, traveled to Belize this past month. After visiting the majestic Chan Chich at the Gallon Jug Estate, they ventured to the […]

Here’s the how, when, where, and how much with exchanging currency  It’s never the most exciting part of planning your travels, but it’s always important. Exchanging your money for the correct currency can be a nerve-racking endeavor. You’re unfamiliar with the legal tender, know that the exchange rate always changes, and don’t want to risk that hard earned money you’ve […]

You can! Rent a Waterfall for a Romance-filled Day at the Hidden Valley Inn                   You’ve rented a car, movie, and maybe even a 2-person paddle boat. Have you ever thought to rent a waterfall? Very few do! What’s even more surprising… you can! At the Hidden Valley Inn in the Cayo District of Belize, they’ve developed what can […]