Each traveler is unique. We all have our own priorities and special interests when it comes to the destinations we make a point to visit. Luxury doesn’t just mean staying in 5-star hotels or eating in Michelin Star restaurants every night, it means getting what you want out of your travels, exactly the way you want it. It’s access to […]

-By Guest Blogger, Jane Trombley of 3 Score & More Say “Argentina” and wine – especially Malbec – comes to mind. But the world’s largest waterfall system, the dramatic Iguazú Falls, lies along Argentina’s border with Brazil. “Amazing” doesn’t really do them justice. The Iguazú National Park (Parques Nacionales Iguazú (AR) y do lguaçu (Br)) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  After a […]

I want to express our sincere thank you for all you did to make our dream vacation that we had planned for so many years the trip of a lifetime for all of us. From beginning to end everything was perfect. We loved each and every camp and the 12 nights was the perfect way to go being our first […]

Peru will always be one of Yampu’s favorite destinations because that’s where we started! Founder Jose Irauzqui was born in Peru and he and his wife, Monica are passionate about sharing the truly mystical nature of this most incredible country. Learn more about some of Peru’s highlights below. Lima Culinary Lima could be considered the culinary capital of Peru, though […]

1. Easter Island is home to more horses than people!   2. The Moai heads actually have bodies buried underneath the earth, which were discovered by archaeologists who excavated around the statues. This makes the scaled of the Moai even more impressive and adds mystery how they could have been moved, as they weigh in at an average of 14 […]

Peruvian Cuisine With the release of the World’s Top 50 Restaurants of 2017 has come more limelight for Yampu’s origin-destination, Peru. Two Peruvian restaurants, Central and Maido, located a short distance from each other in Lima, graced the top 10 with another restaurant, Astrid, following behind at #33. Central was also awarded the Best Restaurant in Latin America award, which […]