Global traveler review website TripAdvisor has ranked Restaurant Coirón at Hotel Las Torres the best place to dine in Torres del Paine National Park based on comments from those who have sampled their excellent cuisine. This month they introduced an a la carte menu which includes vegetarian options besides the typical Patagonian dishes already on offer at Restaurant Coirón.

One of Nicaragua’s largest volcanoes, Momotombo, has started erupting for the first time since 1905. It was a strombolian eruption – volcanic activity that produces a range of continuous small explosions – and it produced a beautiful lava fountain, complete with glowing rocks tumbling down the slopes. Momotombo volcano rises 1.297 meters above sea level, relatively young at about 4,500 […]

Multi-Awarded Tour Operator Reveals New Destinations and Activities for This Year January 8th 2016, Yampu Tours, leading tour operator in South and Central America is proud to announce new unique tours for 2016. Yampu’s 100% customizable tours always start with the idea to bring new awe-inspiring activities for the public.   CHILE No need to be a wine connoisseur to […]

Leading Tour Operator in South and Central America Unveils the Motivations and Ideals Coexisting Within the Yampu Name January 7th 2016, Monica Irauzqui, Vice President and Co-Founder of Yampu Tours is an expert in customizable travels in South and Central America, India, Asia, Africa, and Antarctica. She is a multi-awarded authority at designing themed itineraries including culinary, spiritual, adventure, and […]

Yampu co-founder, Monica Irauzqui, was interviewed while at industry event, TravelMart LatinAmerica, on exciting new options she’s added to Yampu’s customized tours. I was looking for and found many exciting options to connect our clients with meeting people and giving back in our destinations,” says Monica Irazqui, v.p. of Yampu Tours. We are always in the market for off-the-beaten-path adventure […]