One of Nicaragua’s largest volcanoes, Momotombo, has started erupting for the first time since 1905. It was a strombolian eruption – volcanic activity that produces a range of continuous small explosions – and it produced a beautiful lava fountain, complete with glowing rocks tumbling down the slopes. Momotombo volcano rises 1.297 meters above sea level, relatively young at about 4,500 […]

Now that it’s summer, are you wondering why you didn’t book a vacation? It’s not too late. Take a peek at Yampu’s top ten budget summer trips! The Highlights of Bali — 7 Days starting at $2,608  To the uninitiated, Bali might seem like just another popular tourist destination, but for anyone who visits its shores it is impossible not […]

School is almost out and that means one thing: summer vacation! Take your family to a place with beaches, sunshine, volcanoes, culture, adventure and more. Looking for outdoor family adventures that provide more things to do? Yampu recommends the following gems for families: Nicaragua is safe, affordable, and easily accessible, meaning more time for you and your family to enjoy. Granada […]

It’s the end of the year which tends to mean reflecting on the year behind us, and looking forward to the year to come.  Looking forward, we have created a list of our favorite destinations for 2013, and are eager to begin 2013’s adventures! Quito, Ecuador In 2012 Quito began to weave the city’s culinary scene into its tourism culture.  […]

Colca Canyon, Peru Colca Canyon in Peru is the world’s second deepest canyon with an average distance of 100 kilometers between the high mountain peaks and the Colca River below.  The canyon rests in the southern end of Peru in the Colca Region, originally conquered by the Incas in the 15th century.  This natural Peruvian wonder is filled with pre-Colombian […]