By Ellen Lutwak   Whether a fine artist, a weekend watercolorist or an art enthusiast, a creative mind always needs to be refreshed and recharged. Travel is the go-to reset button. A change of scenery inspires the artist in all of us – with new sights, sounds, tastes and scents. But you knew that.   Yampu Tours recently ventured west […]

There is such an amazing array of stunning lodges in Africa, that Yampu is introducing a dedication to the African Lodge Experience. Here are just a few of the African Safari lodges which Yampu staff ranked as some of the best for “Rooms With A View”: BOTSWANA Baines Camp- Okavango Delta Set in a grove of trees, and surrounded by […]

Yampu offers some amazing luxury travel opportunities which combine unique experiences and wellness. Try something new by merging a stay at varying levels of upscale and luxury lodges and tented accommodations with safari lodge spas — stunning open-air facilities dubbed as “spafaris”. Watching the wildlife while or after a spa treatment is incredibly rewarding! Ask us how to include some […]

Kenya made history last weekend by burning 105 tonnes of ivory and 1.35 tonnes of rhino horn as a stand against poaching and illegal animal parts trading, a crisis they have been battling with intensity. African leaders, celebrities, and conservationists from across the globe watched on, and the even received national coverage. It is worth noting that the fight against […]

Stowe, February 23rd 2016, Yampu Tours, 8-time winner of leading tour operator in Latin America, and recently nominated for the leading luxury tour operator in Africa award at the World Travel Awards 2016 is proud to share their internationally recognized experience in luxury travel in Kenya and South Africa.   The Fall experience Kenya is an ideal destination for wildlife […]

Multi-Awarded Tour Operator Reveals New Destinations and Activities for This Year January 8th 2016, Yampu Tours, leading tour operator in South and Central America is proud to announce new unique tours for 2016. Yampu’s 100% customizable tours always start with the idea to bring new awe-inspiring activities for the public.   CHILE No need to be a wine connoisseur to […]