Salvador de Bahia is the largest city on the northeastern coast of Brazil, and a tourist destination under a lot of scrutiny.  This beautiful city, lined with bright sandy beaches and colorful colonial buildings, is noted as a culturally rich destination with a local theft epidemic.  Let’s not become timid, Salvador de Bahia is a fantastically cultural destination with influences […]

Colombia’s Coffee Triangle was named a UNESCO World Heritage Landscape in June of 2010.  This area offers not only the world’s best coffee, but a rich culture and lush landscape.  The coffee here is absolutely amazing and has been a process perfected over 100 years.  The reddish-colored fruits of the coffee plant are called the “cherries”.  It is the seeds […]

Recently at Yampu Tours, we received a letter from a client describing how our company effectively kicked into action during an unexpected travel disaster abroad. The client was in the remote town of Torres Del Paine, Chile when he found he was suddenly unable to travel due to a workers’ strike that shutdown the roadways and airports.  Below is a Press […]