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Baby Cheetah - Namibia-web.jpgYampu co-founder, Monica Irauzqui shares her suggestions:
May is a lovely month in Namibia. The weather is increasingly dry, with a real freshness in the air, and much greenery in the landscape; at this time the air is clear and largely free from dust. A recent client of ours just returned and got the chance to interact with wildlife including this baby cheetah at the Harnas Wildlife Foundation. The perfect trip for  an animal lover!

© Michele Thornton

Zambia game lodges are best from June to October during dry season, some camps close December to May due to rain and hard access.

May and June is a very nice time to visit
Peru, especially Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Colca Canyon.  Just after the rainy season the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu will be at its greenest.  You can expect warm sunny days and cool evenings, a perfect time to be there and beat the summer crowds. 

Pisac-Cusco-web.jpgThe full season for the highlands of Peru is April to October, though many clients go in December and we have never heard a complaint about weather.  June 24 is the Inty Raymi festival which is the second biggest festival in South America, and a sight to see.





Ranthambhore National Park Tiger.jpgThis is also the best time to spot a tiger at Ranthambore National Park in India.

May through July is the best time to visit Bali if you want the best weather. Also during this dry season, May to October, surfers can find some of the best waves on the western side of the peninsula. You will be able to avoid the rain as well as the crowds in May.

Galungan and Kuningan Holiday.jpg

If you time your trip right you could also witness, Galungan or Kuningan,
 the largest and most important festival in Bali which celebrates the victory of Virtue (Dharma) over Evil (Adharma).  Every village in Bali celebrates by adorning the outside of their houses with a penjor, a decorative tall bamboo pole, about 8m (26 ft.) high, with palm leaves, rice stems, coconuts, and corn. At the end of each of the poles hangs a sampian, a beautiful plaited palm leaf creation. Some poles are decorated with lights similar to a Christmas tree.

© Wayan Sueta

To the uninitiated, Bali might seem like just another popular tourist destination, but for anyone who visits its shores it is impossible not to be touched by a certain magic from the “Island of the Gods”. The predominantly Hindu island gives visitors the chance to have a unique and fascinating cultural experience, while still being able to partake in any number of exciting or relaxing activities such as surfing, golf, diving or massage.

guide and tortoise-Haugan cruises.jpg

What is happening in Galapagos? If you are particularly interested in Land Tortoises in the Galapagos, try to go in April or May when they can be seen mating. April is the end of hatching season for Giant Tortoises, and beginning hatching season for Green Sea Turtles. May in Gardner Bay, Punta Cormorant and Puerto Egas, Green Sea Turtles are still hatching. The blue-footed boobies begin their courtship on North Seymour Island. December to May is warm and sunny time to go though it also drizzles daily.  The ocean is calmer, the flowers have bloomed.


In Isla Holbox, Mexico, try swimming and snorkeling with the gentle giant Whale Sharks. In-season sightings of the world’s largest fish in the sea is one of the ultimate bucket-list experiences. Remember to keep a respectful distance from the gentle giants, resisting the urge to touch them or to use flash photography. They average 40 feet long and weigh 15 tons yet are unafraid and  allow the opportunity to swim up close enough to observe.


© courageousferret via Compfight

Zanzibar beach.jpg

How about a Beach Holiday in Zanzibar? The beautiful white beaches are the perfect place to relax. Long stretches of un-crowded coastline are interspersed with picturesque fishing villages, where the people live a simple way of life, unchanged over the years.The coastal city of Dar es Salaam and the islands of Zanzibar stay warm and humid year round with some humidity off-set by the Indian Ocean breeze. Rainfall can happen any month but the heavy rains fall from mid-March to May and November to January. One of the best times to travel to Zanzibar is during one of the cultural festivals that take place on the island, like the Zanzibar International Film Festival takes place in June.


© Jose Irauzqui

Victoria Falls – When planning a trip to Victoria Falls it is important to note how the water level has historically been. Victoria Falls typically has the most water March to May. However if you go when the water is a little less but not at the dryest which is January and February and June to August, you can get closer to the falls and experience the adventure at Devil’s Pool. If you go during dry season, September to December, go to the Zimbabwe side.

Vic Falls 10954534.jpgIf you want to combine Victoria Falls with a safari to Botswana, then go in June to August. June is just after the rainy season so it will be green and beautiful but with less mosquitos, dry and cool.





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