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“Hands down, Yampu has been the best.”


Want in on a little secret? We absolutely and unapologetically LOVE receiving reviews from our clients’ on how our services were for them during their travels! Yampu Traveler, Patricia is one of many who has experienced traveling the world in Yampu Style, recently visiting seven countries in as little as two weeks… With her globetrotting experiences, she knows exactly what she wants, and our expert Tour Consultants are sure to provide it!

I have done two extensive trips organized by Yampu Tours. These trips have covered 11 countries – 7 in Africa and 4 in Asia. Without a doubt Yampu has done an excellent job planning for us to see what we wanted and get among the countries comfortably.

They are immediately responsive to every question. The itinerary that is sent is complete with details about each hotel, tent, airline and important highlights about each country.

The contracted tour agencies in each country also live up to the standard set by Yampu and if you have even a slight problem and contact Yampu, it is taken care of before you even leave that country. We have traveled to 71 countries and used various travel agents. Hands down, Yampu has been the best.

Many thanks, Patricia for entrusting us to make your travels to Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania and Rwanda exactly what you envisioned!

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