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Have a Seat: Conversations with Women in the Workplace

Yampu Tours Vice President, Monica recently had a fun discussion with Debra from the podcast “Have a Seat… Conversations with Women in the Workplace”. During the show, Debra and guests enjoy a lighthearted but heartfelt conversation with women about the work they do and the journey that brought them to pursue their career path.

Each week guests will share the inspiring lessons they’ve learned along their personal career journey, the good, the bad, the ups and downs, and everything in between. You’ll also hear fascinating content from industry experts on a variety of workplace-related subjects.

This week, Monica shares what motivated her and her husband to start a touring and travel services company, how the pandemic has affected the travel industry, the many ways Yampu Tours is ensuring a safe travel experience for their customers, and Monica’s advice on the importance of finding joy in the work you do.


So have a seat and enjoy conversations with women in the workplace!


More about Debra and the “Have a Seat…” Podcast;

“Getting to know others and meeting new people, I guess you could say, is a thing for me. Being naturally chatty and curious, I hardly shy away from an opportunity to meet new people and form connections.

Creating “Have A Seat…Conversations with Women in the Workplace” Podcast was a way for me to engage in weekly conversations with women about their career journey and share them in a fun and supportive way. I truly believe we all have a unique story to tell; we add value in what we do and are rock stars in our own right and I’m excited to bring you these stories every week.

My hope is that this show will have a “come in and have a seat” vibe, minus the wine, unless you would like to enjoy a glass as you listen, absolutely no judgment here! By coming to the table and sharing our experiences, maybe, just maybe, we’ll find that we’re not so different after all.”




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