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The local festivals that highlight the identity and culture of Vietnam are some of the most fascinating things to experience in Asia. Over the next few months, Vietnam has so many fun festivities in store amidst the holiday season. Participate in these festival celebrations while you are traveling to have fun with the locals and learn about the fascinating ceremonial legends and the distinctive cultures of the ethnic groups that have helped to shape a wonderful Vietnam. 


Ninh Thuan Kate Festival 

24 – 25 October 2022 

Kate Festival

Kate Festival was invented by the Cham people. The local Cham population congregates and performs songs and dances in traditional garb. The opportunity to discover the splendor of Cham culture, from its architecture to its traditional music and clothing, is excellent.  


Mekong Delta Ok Om Bok Festival  

05 – 08 November 2022 

Vietnam boat festival

Celebrated yearly by inhabitants of the Khmer ethnic group, this festival is their way to thank the Moon for preserving their crops, controlling the weather, and bestowing wealth and fruitfulness. This festival is held mostly in a few Mekong Delta areas where the Khmer people have long resided. One of the most alluring events of the Khmer Full Moon Ceremony is the Ngo Boat Race, in which Khmer people prepare a special feast for the Moon God using green rice flakes, ripe bananas, fresh coconuts, and mangoes in front of a common pagoda or their homes. 


New Year Celebration Of The H’mong People 

23 – 25 December 2022 

Hmong People

For the H’mong, this is the most significant Tet celebration. Each family member is given a special work to do in advance of Tet, and women prepare new garments for the entire family to wear during Tet while the men butcher pigs and chickens for the New Year’s feasts. Men are the first to get up and perform housekeeping when the rooster crows, heralding the beginning of a new day. Here, guests may observe H’mong people gathering, watch them perform the customary dances and songs, and participate in a traditional H’mong supper provided by a nearby family. 


Sinh Village Wrestling Festival In Hue 

31 January 2023 (The 10th Day Of The First Lunar Month) 

The wrestling festival, which has a history dating back more than 500 years, strives to preserve, promote ancient martial arts to friends throughout the world, and highlight the chivalry of Vietnamese people. Shipyards and naval infantry training courses to defend the nation from attackers are in Sinh Village. The local communal house conducts a customary ceremony known as the wrestling festival. The wrestling competition was held on 0.5 acres of ground in the village’s center. Adolescents (under 15 years old) and young wrestlers participated in pairs (over 16 years old). 


Hoi An Lantern Festival 

14th Every Month (Lunar Calendar) 

An once-a-month celebration that turns Hoi An into a dazzling display of colored lanterns. The town turns off the electric lights and relies on the illumination provided by hundreds of paper lanterns floating on the river, illuminating the area around it. 


Vietnam is a culture hotspot that is filled with exciting new experiences. These festivals will immerse you in the full Vietnam experience. Ready to book your travels to Vietnam? Contact your Yampu Expert today! 


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