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Keeping Busy; How We are using our newfound free time


One thing Yampu’s Travel experts never are is idle. During this slow time in the travel industry, the team has been continuously working hard in both their professional and personal lives. From bettering their travel knowledge to working on their dance moves, you will never see these world explorers sitting still! Here is how some of our team members have been keeping busy during the time of Social Distancing.


Jose is not one to not be working and loves to always be on the grind! During this time, Jose has been working alongside every department to ensure that things continue running smoothly. From assisting operations with rearranging bookings for later dates to coordinating with our product team on adding new voyages to our website, Jose always has his finger on the pulse of the company.


Monica has taken this time to learn more about new destinations, all while preparing fun, weekly webinars for travel agents. Each week she touches on how to improve agent’s sales and provides useful tips she’s learned over the last 20 years in the travel industry. During her downtime, she works in her flower garden and dreams of her next trips in the future.


Karolina has been BUSY quarantine homeschooling her two girls. “We have done some interesting art studies and projects, we ride our bikes for at least 40 weekly miles, we have conquered a 1000 piece puzzle, made some new recipes, drew maps of our neighborhood, and I try to cover a new topic daily. I am introducing the girls to foreign films, making sure they know how to pump gas, sew on buttons, give out change. I even gave Gabi a driving lesson (she is 13, and my life flashed before my eyes a few times).”

And sometimes Karolina lets the girls pick the activity – as you can see below….


Stephanie is enjoying her social distancing in upstate New York, where spring has finally begun. Aside from checking in on her travelers, Stephanie has been getting her hands dirty in her garden to bring a little bit of color to her yard. On weekends, Steph gets a little crazy with a glass of wine and hosts an online trivia night with friends far and wide on topics like history and geography.


Along with his usual marketing tasks, Lance has been assisting the product and sales teams with sourcing new destinations to include in our ever-growing travel portfolio. From Australia to Armenia, all the way to France and Norway, new and exciting experiences will be coming soon! During his free time, Lance has been spending time with his fiancé and their fur baby, Kyogo, while finally working on photos that he had been neglecting from his photography work.


How are you spending your time while social distancing? Whether it’s catching up on your shows, creating artwork, or planning future travels, tell us in the comments! Finding yourself even busier because you are an essential worker? We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you all well.




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