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October Featured Testimonials & Client Photography


“Back safe and sound. We enjoyed the trip immensely and everything went smoothly as planned.


Galapagos:  All personnel were friendly, courteous, and helpful.  Our naturalist was

exceptional.    Ship was old but well maintained.  Public areas were clean and updated, passenger

cabins could stand a remodel. Good food great service.


Quito:  Our guide was outstanding.  Personable, prompt, knowledgeable, helpful – you name it.

Hotel itself was okay but not very centrally located for walking to shops or restaurants.


Atacama:  This was the most unexpected surprise of the trip.  The facilities, services, personnel, and

programs at the all inclusive Alto Atacama resort were beyond 5 Star.  You would be doing your

clientele a grave injustice if you placed them in any other resort in this area.  The Atacama itself was

diverse and beyond amazing.  So many unique things to do and see.  It is a beautiful place to see.

Well worth the effort. (Alto Atacama Matias Alamo Lodge Manager for reference.)


Easter Island:  Beautiful island,  outstanding artifacts, friendly people.  Tours were well conducted,

informative, and enjoyable.  Tour guide was knowledgeable, helpful, and personable.Staff at hotel

were exceptionally courteous and accommodating. Hotel itself,  beautifully located on the ocean,

clean, well kept, but older.


Linda and I loved the trip and are very pleased with you and your services.”

-Linda & George, Chile & Ecuador


“Your portion of the trip was flawless. Everything was perfectly coordinated and to my expectations. Thank you so much.

I have written to Marriott which is how I booked the boat portion of the trip and suggested they use you for their explorer collection. I gave them your #. I also gave your # to many people that we were traveling with.

Thank you so much for putting together such a perfect trip!”

-Anne, Peru

Ahu Tongariki – Jacob Marek of Introvertravels on his Yampu trip to Easter Island, Follow Jacob on Facebook or @IntroverTravels


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