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I have always loved Mexican Ceviche but on my first trip to Peru my life was changed by the food. I stayed with a local family and every day was a new culinary adventure. This trip was where my passion for Peruvian food was awakened.


Peruvian Ceviche Corvina is the simplest dish, yet I am still not sure why I cannot replicate it at home. It is a simple and delicious combination of fresh fish usually Mahi Mahi, Sea Bass or Flounder, Peruvian Lime, Red onion, Aji Limo or Amarillo, and salt. It is usually accompanied by Chocro( very large corn) and a sweet potato. Places on the coast are the best place to eat Ceviche, especially Lima. Lunch is the best time to have a fresh Ceviche and Cevicherias are the place to have it.


Other types of Ceviche are Ceviche Mixto, with octopus, squid, shrimp, and scallops, Ceviche de Pato made with duck, Ceviche de Champinones and Alcachofa made with mushrooms and Artichokes.

These Cevicherias have been around for a long time and every Limeno has their favorite. Recently many of the top chef’s in Lima who have trained internationally and returned to open restaurants are opening up their own Ceviche restaurant and bringing the Cevicheria to a whole new level of restaurant. One such chef is Gastón Acurio, who after having a wildly popular restaurant, Astrid y Gaston, has now opened his own Cevicheria; La Mar which did not disappoint.

If you are interested in learning how to make Ceviche or maybe just discovering the wonderful Peruvian cuisine, we offer an amazing Peru Culinary Tour. Foodies will delight in this exploration of Peruvian cuisine, tracking the journey of fresh local ingredients from farm to market to table.


From tasting traditional dishes such as Ceviche and Lomo Saltado to a mix of international and Peruvian cuisine called novoandino travelers as well as food lovers will relish the distinct flavors of this rich culinary landscape.

A visit to the remote village of Patabamba, high up in the Andes, will reveal how local farmers harvest their potato crops, then take them to the Pisac market where a vast array of local produce and handicrafts are sold.


Encompassing ancient and modern Peru, other highlights include: a trip to the salt mines of Salineras in Maras (in use since Incan times); the iconic concentric circles of the agricultural terraces of Moray; a dinner at the pre-Columbian ruins of Huaca Pucllana; a private, hands-on novoandino cooking lesson at one of Urubamba’s best restaurants; and more. Chic accommodations at four- or five-star hotels are included.

Recipe: Ceviche Corvina

  • 2 lbs Fresh Sushi Grade Mahi Mahi, Sea Bass, or Flounder filets
  • 1 red onion sliced paper thin
  • 1 Aji Limo or Aji Amarillo(these need to be purchased from a Peruvian Grocery Store) chopped
  • 18 Limes( Peruvian Limes or Key Limes)
  • Salt


  • Cube the fish.
  • Mix with onion and wash.
  • Add Aji, salt and the juice of the limes (make sure you add the lime not longer than an hour before serving)
  • If you are using Limes from Peru, which are much stronger than the other limes, then add the Lime just before serving.
  • Garnish with Lettuce, Sweet Potato, and 1/2 ear of corn boiled.



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