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Planning a Family Adventure in the Punta Sal National Park 


By Guest Writer, Cassie Steele

Planning a Family Adventure in the Punta Sal National Park 

The Punta Sal National Park is one of the most beautiful jewels in Honduras, perfect for a family adventure with your children. Located on the Bay of Tela in picturesque Atlantida, the park is on a peninsula that stretches out into the Caribbean ocean. It has some of the most stunning beaches in Central America with soft white sands and crystal clear blue waters. The national park also has mangrove swamps, tropical rainforest, marine estuaries, and a tranquil lagoon waiting for you and your family to explore.


Spot some incredible wildlife 


On the boat ride to Punta Sal, you will be able to see some incredible wildlife. Your children will be captivated by the dolphins that play in the waters, who love to follow the boats. The park itself has an incredibly diverse ecosystem and is home to both howler and white-faced monkeys (known as ‘micos’ to the locals). You might even get the opportunity to spot the mysterious jaguar in its natural rainforest habitat. There are also many species of spectacular bird including ospreys, parrots and the distinctive toucan.


Delicious family dining

The nearby hotels and restaurants have plenty of delicious food for you to sample on your Honduran family adventure. Children will love making their own tortillas and trying some of the tasty Caribbean influenced dishes. The colorful fresh fruit salads are also extremely popular with young diners. If you have children with allergies or food intolerances, have a chat with the restaurant staff so that you can clarify the ingredients of the Honduran dishes. A little planning in advance means that you can be happy that your allergy concerns have been met. Many of the hotels also offer picnics that you can take with you on a rainforest hike, or down to the beach for the day.


Some snorkeling fun

Snorkeling is a great family activity that everyone can enjoy. The shallow waters of the Puerto Escondido and Puerto Caribe coves are a safe environment for children to learn how to snorkel – they are sheltered and the waters are generally calm. You will be able to see some of the incredible tropical fish, including angelfish and parrotfish up close, swimming in their natural habitat.  There are also colorful corals that are thriving in this eco-friendly park. You might even be lucky enough to spot seahorses, starfish, lobsters, crabs and octopi. Sea turtles and eagle rays often flit up to the surface too, to say hello.

The beautiful landscape is so diverse in the Punta Sal National Park. You can spend the morning in the rainforest, have lunch on the beach then take an evening swim in the lagoon. It is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for you and your family.


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About Cassie;

Cassie formerly worked as a flight attendant for over a decade, taking her all over Asia, including South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, among others. The combination of exciting cultures, low prices, and delicious food was the reason why Asia became a favorite stop of hers.

A couple of years ago, Cassie took a step back to spend more time with her family and became a freelance writer and editor in which she uses her vast knowledge on Asian destinations to further inspire other travelers to witness the beautiful continent.


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