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First intended as a training program for cavalry soldiers in Persia, the game of polo dates back as early as 600 B.C.  Played primarily by nobles and high-up military men, the sport spread throughout Asia where teams of around 100 men would play against each other.

The game we know and love today originated in northeastern India, where the British military learned the game from locals and founded The Silchar Polo Club in the mid-1800s, then spreading rapidly throughout England and parts of South America.

The objective is scoring goals by hitting a small wooden ball with a long mallet. It is a fast-paced game played on a 300-yard field, lasting about three hours. The best Yampu destinations to watch a great, professional polo game include Argentina, Uruguay, the UAE, and a growing number of countries all over the globe! Learn more about Yampu polo programs below and experience this beautiful, awe-inspiring sport firsthand! You can even try your own hand on a polo horse with professional instruction!


Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio promises the adventure of Uruguay’s traditional ranch experience, stunning nature, and the splendor of South America’s finest beaches. Enjoy the thrill of parties that outlast the sunrise, all amid the comfort, sophistication and aesthetic magnificence of an estancia hotel beyond compare. Best of all, the Estancia houses a professional-grade polo field where visitors can interact with the immaculate polo horses and play polo with professional players or take a private polo lesson!

Check out this gorgeous property and the amazing polo experiences you can have there by visiting here.


Arrange a full-on polo-centric holiday with Yampu in Argentina! You can enjoy polo as much or as little as you want, enjoying one of the world’s most exclusive sports in the entire world. There are games every day.

Begin your polo experience with an informative talk about polo and the horses and ponies. While you taste some delicious empanadas and excellent argentine wine. Your guide will explain how polo horses are selected for the sport, their blood lineages and how they are trained.

You will learn also about the rules of the game, the equipment used by the polo horse and the player and the different shooting techniques.

Then you will attend a professional live polo match of 4 chukkas, or periods (like a quarter in basketball). With more than 30 horses in play, you will enjoy a fast paced polo game of pure adrenaline.

In between chukkas, guests get visit the pony line and you will learn about how a polo horse is taken care of, its feeding and preparation for a match. This totally immersive experience is purely luxurious, and truly adventurous! Travelers of any experience level can take a polo lesson, learn to ride a horse, hold the mallet and hit the ball, finishing the day by sharing in a mini polo match that will make a new rider feel like a professional player!

desert-at-nightUnited Arab Emirates

The terrain and beautiful weather in the UAE makes it an ideal place for playing polo! This equestrian sport, among many others, is on the rise here with elite polo clubs in different parts of the country. Professional players will travel the world for games, but visitors to the UAE can enjoy home matches as well at the many polo clubs. There is a pre-existing love of horses in the region, which enjoys a vast number of adventure sports, including endurance horse racing, horse surfing, show jumping and much more! Experiencing polo in the UAE is a truly unique experience because it is played on the beach, typically in a smaller area than a traditional polo field, which makes it much more up close and personal for spectators. Contact us to find out how you can watch or play polo with Yampu in the UAE!



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