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The Santa Teresa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro sits at the center of the city on the top of the Santa Teresa Hill. 


Originating from the Santa Teresa Convent, the neighborhood these days is a haven for artists and is characteristic of the artist community with several popular galleries, studios and museums.   Please see below for some of our suggestions!

Chacara do Ceu Museum

This Chacara, or Brazilian country property, was renovated into a small museum.  Here the focus rests on unique pieces that are not necessarily popular from artists including Degas, Sali, Matisse and Picasso, as well as Brazilian modernist works.

Escadaria Selarón (Santa Teresa Stairway)

215 steps in Santa Teresa lead to the Santa Teresa Convent; the steps aren’t merely stairs to a higher elevation, but an artistic dedication by Chilean Artist Jorge Selarón.  The project began with a basic need, the stairs required repair.  As Jorge began to put thousands of his tile designs into the stairs, people from over 60 countries also begin to send tiles.  Still a work in progress, the mosaic stairs  have become a popular, eclectic destination.

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Museo Casa de Benjamin Contestant

Benjamin Contestant was one of the founders of the Brazilian Republic.  This 1860s historical home is a museum of antique furniture, photographs and sculptures.  Surrounded by lovely gardens the Museo Casa is a walk back into history during an exciting time for Brazil, and also has a great view of Guanabara Bay!

Parque das Ruínas (Ruins Park)

The park is a cultural center that hosts exhibits and shows.  From here there are sprawling views of Rio de Janeiro and the Santa Teresa Convent.  This is a great location to visit, however we do not recommend exploring the park during the evening hours.

Alexandrino Street

This is the street where you will want to eat and explore.  Most popular for its restaurants and bars there are also shops and art studios.  We can’t picture a better way to spend the day then by wandering around Alexandrino Street!

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