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Is Solo Travel Right for You? Here are the supposed “Cons” of Traveling Alone…

Whether they are just setting out as individual explorers or their usual travel partner isn’t interested or simply isn’t available to hop around the globe, solo travelers are not letting things get in their way of experiencing the world.

Of course, traveling alone brings a lot of additional baggage (figuratively speaking, unless you’re Paris Hilton) with many concerns being safety, logistics and planning. Although these are valid fears while traveling alone they can all be put to ease by entrusting tour operators who can handle every detail from flights down to meals.

With virtually every worry taken care of, what excuse do you have to not purchase that ticket? Here are some reasons that may be lingering in the back of your mind to why you should wait until who knows when…


The “Cons” of Solo Travel


 1) You’re all alone

When you travel alone you are truly alone. There’s no one making you late. No one is complaining about the long flights and security lines. Nobody is interfering with what you want to do and see with their need to go back to the room because they’re “too tired”. You have the ability to go as long and as far as you’d like without any limitations of making sure everyone is happy. Delight in this unique bliss if you travel often but have not yet traveled solo. The best part is. although you may be alone, you’re not ever lonely. Whether it’s that fun, devoted guide who has been with you throughout your trip or the warm locals excitedly showing you their customs or even other travelers you might bump into on the road, there’s always good company in travel.


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2) Food will lose all flavor  

After you return home from your destination, whether it’s the lush Sacred Valley in Peru or the colorful markets of Thailand, food will never taste the same again. After savoring the fresh flavors of local delicacies created with some of the most flavorful produce and proteins in the world, your favorite comfort food back home will never be the sameYampu Marketing Coordinator, Lance recalls his taste buds being ruined during his travel experiences,

               “While I was studying in France, I remember the first day going to one of the many open-air markets where I spotted some of the reddest strawberries I have ever seen. The color alone had me salivating. The first bite I let out a gasp simply because of the overwhelming flavor and freshness I had never experienced before. Pure bliss.”

Those very strawberries – Photo courtesy of Lance Caron


3) You will never be satisfied

Mick Jagger’s (Can’t get no) Satisfaction will forever be your theme song. After you experience your first solo trip, it’s all over. You’re back at work and the urge hits you again and again. No matter how many times you hop on a flight, you will never be satisfied with the things you have seen and will have that constant need to see, feel, hear, taste, and experience more. (See where we got that from?)


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4) Dating becomes a nightmare

If you are traveling solo simply because you’re single, get ready to change your Facebook relationship status to “it’s complicated”. You will have seen the world from a different viewpoint and will have this lust for life and a thirst for adventure that will never be quenched. You will no longer be looking for someone who gives the feeling of “stability” but rather someone who can drop everything at a wave of a hat when that itch needs to be scratched. “Owns a house”- swipe left. “Likes calm nights at home” – swipe left. “Looking to settle down with some kids and a farm” – HARD left swipe.


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5) You’re a woman

Okay, so this obviously isn’t directed towards everyone but is an excuse that is used often and is valid. The world can be a scary place and is not always the kindest towards the female demographic. Playing it safe and waiting for a knight in shining armor to whisk you away to far off places is the safe way to go. There are examples, however, of how strong, independent and brave women took their happily ever after into their own hands. Yampu’s very own Catalina decided life was all too short after some health complications and decided to drop everything to travel solo around the world for two years.

“I realized how precious my health and my time on earth were.   I remember asking myself this very important question:  If I were to die right now, what would be the biggest regret of my life?  The answer came to me quickly.  It would be not having done my trip around the world.   So that was it!  I decided that if I recovered, I would quit my job, rent my place, sell my car, and go on my trip… Six months later I was on an airplane ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.”


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6) You’re too old.

Catalina was young and could take the time to dive into this exciting life change. Perhaps you feel like it’s too late to make such a commitment to travel alone. It’s much safer to stay home and knit, after all. Ring in the spunky Jane Trombley of 3 Score and More who has over 10 countries under her belt during her golden years (several with Yampu)

“In my early 50’s, fresh from the closure of a long-standing marriage (in the vernacular, divorced), and decades in suburbia, I moved back to New York City just to see… Travel through work whetted a pre-existing condition known as ‘curiosity about the world’ and opened up, literally, new vistas. The travel hook, always there, was now deep-set.”

Not allowing time or age be her culprit, Jane sets out to experience the world regardless of age, gender, or company and explains why age shouldn’t be a limit with The 3 most important reasons to travel solo at 60+

It doesn’t take much to upend rickety self-confidence.

“Travel solo at my age? I don’t think so.” So goes the refrain in your head.

Try this refrain instead:” Travel solo at my age? Why the hell not?!”



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7) Friends will be at a distance

Your friend network will grow further and further apart with each destination you visit. Not in the sense that you’re losing them, but in that everywhere you go you will meet new and diverse people with the same passions as you who want to share the world with others. Though they may be far away, it just gives you an excuse to travel to them!


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8) Wanderlust Disease

(travel bug is, indeed, a thing)

If you have gathered that this entire post is in a sarcastically facetious tone, do know that this a real-life issue. Wanderlust Disease does not discriminate and can spread to friends and family with intense symptoms of antsiness, longingly scrolling through Instagram using #Wanderlust, and involuntarily checking for flights to “anywhere”. There is no cure. However, to reduce symptoms, we highly suggest just getting out there and experiencing the world with no excuses.


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