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The Breakup Evolution podcast: New Beginnings, New Destinations


One of the greatest aspects of traveling is meeting new people and learning of both our differences and our similarities. Through stories, we all relate to one another by sharing our seemingly unique yet common experiences, especially our understandings of love and heartbreak.


This week, Yampu Tours Vice President, Monica Irauzqui sat down with Sarah of The Breakup Evolution podcast to chat about the motivation behind becoming the bold jet setter she is today. In the hopes of inspiring other adventurists, Monica discusses how, after realizing a past relationship was hindering her adventurous spirit, she set off to experience the world on her own terms. Listen in below!


More About Sarah Ing and The Breakup Evolution podcast

I am a creative technologist who works in music production with a big love of travel and strangers. I started The Breakup Evolution podcast because I realized everyone has had heartbreak and has a story to tell – it’s just a matter of sharing it!

The Breakup Evolution started in the shower. I was thinking about the very specific pain of breakups, whether it be a long-drawn-out ache or a swift, dismissive blow. I’ve had both. Hell, I’ve had many.

Through the breakups, though, I’ve always come out changed. Better, sometimes, different always. I’ve left cities (sometimes even on the day-of-breakup), tried hip hop dance, and scuba-dived my way out of hurt.

This podcast tells our stories of relationships we’ve had, people we’ve loved, and more importantly, how we got through the breakup and evolved.


You can listen to more by visiting Sarah’s website, The Breakup Evolution podcast.


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