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Vietnam and Cambodia: From a client’s point of view

At Yampu Tours, we strive to make every trip as memorable as possible. From the guides, down to the breakfast buffets, we only settle on an itinerary once we know every aspect of the trip is the best it can be. With that said, we can’t help but gleam when we receive a review like this. A recent client just made a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, and here’s their story.

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“Our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was amazing, a real eye-opener for us both, never having been to Asia before. First and foremost, Yampu did a fabulous job once again of coordinating airport pickups, transfers, hotels, tours and meals. All were flawless in a manner that we have now come to expect. We have travelled to South America with Yampu on two previous occasions. Always their specialty, it is nice to know that they have extended their expertise and incredible talents to their newer destinations. Andrew did a great job of setting everything up and even came to our rescue at the end when the hotel in Cambodia did not have the same reservation extension information that we did.

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 We got a good overview of Vietnam from Hanoi and Halong Bay to Sapa in the north, to Saigon and the Mekong Delta in the south. The hotels were all outstanding and the food was wonderful although both Karen and I found that the amount served was considerably more than we could eat. How do these people stay so slim if they eat like this? Hanoi is very noisy and congested but is rich in culture and history, a true delight to visit. We loved the boat cruise in Halong Bay. It is one of the prettiest places in the country.

Trekking in the Sapa Valley was a challenge both physically and mentally especially when it came to dealing with the constant sales efforts of the local ethnic women.

Sapa trekking rev.jpgThe ecolodge in Sapa is magnificent and I would love to have stayed there longer. Saigon was just two overnight stops for us. The Mekong Delta was almost a haunting vision as it is the closest thing we saw to our somewhat media warped vision of the Vietnam War. The hotel in Can Tho is a beautiful resort and again another couple of days there would have been nice.

 Cambodia is a different world again. The people are very proud of their country and their heritage (as they are in Vietnam) but they really want to see the tourists dedicate more of their travel time and money to them. Vietnam seems to be first choice by far and they’d like to see more visitors come to Cambodia. You sure won’t be disappointed.

 The hotel in Siem Reap was the nicest of all. It is almost palatial in appearance and feel. The people are all so very accommodating and respectful of visitors. It is definitely a holiday resort on its own and would be a perfect place to spend a week.

 The guides were all very knowledgeable and friendly. Once again Yampu has done their homework well and put in place people who will proudly and honorably represent them. Our guide in Cambodia, Sovandy, is an amazing young man. He has endured more heartache and hardship in his young life to date than we will ever see (thank goodness). Yet through it all he shines a beacon of hope and a welcome to all he meets, I’m sure.”

 The program we followed was perfect for us although there were a few early morning starts that would have been nice later, all necessary however – it’s part of the game. 

 Thank you Jose for overseeing all this. Your guidance and assistance has served us well over the years and you certainly have not seen the last of the Whiteheads.

 All the best
Eric and Karen”

Thank you again to Eric and Karen for such a great review. Find that a very convincing statement? Check out our Vietnam and Cambodia combined packages HERE!!!


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