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A Whale of a Time: The Annual Hermanus Whale Festival


Peak season in South Africa is here, and it really is a most idyllic travel destination. Not only can visitors enjoy the full safari experience that touch the hearts of the many who travel to Africa, but beyond that South Africa offers incredible urban life (including delicious culinary delights), beautiful beaches, adventure activities (cage diving with Great Whites, anyone?), world-renowned vineyards, top-notch hiking, cultural and historical experiences, and somewhat unexpected wildlife, including penguins! It’s enough to dazzle travelers of virtually any interest, but just in case the hefty, yet certainly not complete, list of attractions are not enough, we’ve got news for you: the whales are coming!



That’s right! If you are with the majority of people visiting Africa to encounter wildlife, checking both the big 5 on land and the biggest by sea off of your list, you don’t want to miss whale season in South Africa! Enjoy the only eco-marine festival in South Africa from September 29-October 1, 2017, which emphasizes the visiting Southern Right Whales. The festival emphasizes conservation, environmental awareness, and sustainable travel but also culture, music, food, parades, classic cars and other entertainment, all for free.


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Enjoy watching for whales from land or sea as they come to the Capetown area to breed and frolick in the surf. It is a truly magical marine-life experience that deserves to be on every wildlife enthusiasts bucket list! For more information on other attractions, including music and activities, contact one of our Tour Consultants today!



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