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Our General Sales Manager, Karolina, celebrating 12 years with Yampu Tours, shares her thoughts on why she chooses Ecuador as a special place for travel with your family:

During my years with Yampu Tours, I have received countless requests for the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. The Galapagos are quite a once in a lifetime adventure, and definitely a recommended family destination. But with each request, what I strived for the most is to encourage my clients to consider the mainland of Ecuador as well. The mainland is a magical place – within a day you can drive from a tropical beach to a snow-capped mountain. You can canoe down the Amazon River and visit a high altitude village. There are ruins, volcanoes, national parks, and amazing indigenous cultures.

Years ago, I spent some time studying in Ecuador and fell in love with its people. I have visited the country a number of times since then and now get to bring my own family along. On our last adventure, we focused on the jungle, indigenous markets, and less visited sites. Enjoy the photos and memories below and get inspired to explore Ecuador on your own.

 Must-dos while in Ecuador:

Salcedo-web.jpgVisit a craft market

One of my favorite shots. Salcedo does not get any tourists, so the ladies are friendly and curious about the gringa – and they love to pose!

This sleepy little town is particularly great for those who have an appreciation for crafts. Watch or participate in some lively barter trade at the market. 



Balance an egg on a nail at the equator line

The Equator runs right through the middle of Ecuador. Make sure to take goofy standing-in-both-hemispheres-at-once photos!





Quito-web.jpg A visit to Quito – just as charming as ever.Lined with colonial houses and inspired by painters, poets, musicians and historians, a stop in Quito is a must to experience traditional Ecuador.






The Jungle!

My girls loved the cloud forest and the guide who took care of them. They received jungle explorer kits and used them while exploring the forest around them.






Sitting in a little shelter to escape a rainstorm and feeding hundreds of hummingbirds kept them mesmerized. 


Holding butterflies in your hand, seeing parakeets in the wild, and learning about the fruits of the jungle were all part of the experience.


For an exhilirating adventure, sky bike through the cloud forest!



Ecuadorian Food!
Fresh grilled fish (one of the best meals I’ve experienced), a traditional Ecuadorian dessert of figs and cheese, and drinking sugar cane liquor at Cotopaxi Volcano Park…. loved these tastes and sweet little places! 


Pick bananas right off the tree! Drink strange, but delicious, looking teas.



An endless variety of family lodging options:



  • Staying in your own “little castle”.
  • Amazing rooftop views
  • The jungle right outside your room
  • Luxury in the rainforest – for kids!
  • Yoga in the courtyard










How stunning is Ecuador!!!

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